Support The Military My @$$

I am an unemployed national guard Logistics Officer. I just graduated college and attended my professional military schooling where the federal government pays literally 100k per person to go through this schooling, busted my *** at college and trained for 3 years to become an Officer, however none of this is valued towards any employer.   Each and every employer I applied to has in some way thanked me for serving our nation, but don't offer a job. Apparently, 2 days a month and 2 weeks in the summer is way too much for most employer's to handle.   Totally baffling. Not only do I have to accept working a terrible job that's considered "entry" level, they are not hiring, they are looking for the perfect candidate which does not exist.

The people I've noticed that have jobs when I go to these places are inept at their positions, loosing files, typing on a keyboard with no sense of urgency, purposefully wasting time trying to find a folder.   Lazily doing any sort of work.  Great place America, glad these people have jobs.

Guess its time to go actually fight the war, at least they need bodies.

austinr123 austinr123
22-25, M
May 27, 2012