What the helllll... NOBODY is hiring anymore. And the places that were hiring, only hired locals or family members. I hate living in a small town sometimes... It's frustrating. I'm willing to work anywhere... 

kleisse kleisse
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5 Responses Jul 31, 2008

Things will play out! Don't move...I did and there are still no jobs!

Should be interesting how things play out..

3 years.. well i should have my business built up nicely by then.. so you never know. don't worry i will be sticking to you like glue here on ep.. so i'll keep you posted.

I am actually contemplating moving to California. I hear they have a really good vet college. That wouldn't be for ohhh... let me see... 3 years? Damn, I have too much school left...

i need a photographic assistant, but then i am kinda far away. plus it is only part time. i'll let you know if i get enough work for full time though. it pays ok. people would think we were related and like it was a family business. i am just hoping they think you're my little sis and not my daughter, lol. i probably shouldn't post this, but i am crazy, so there!