...not Sure Where To Start....

I am 52.
I was laid off january 2012.
Got a job in may 2012, laid off in august 2012.
Got a job in october 2012, laid off in november 2012.
Currently seeking employment - again. It is exhausting. I am not sure what the causes for my lay offs were, but I do blame myself somehow....it does not seem to matter anymore how hard you work, how dependable you are, how enthusiastic you are.....if the "shoe" somehow does not fit, you are out of luck, you are off the grid.
I am the main "breadwinner" in my family, well I WAS.
That creates even more pressure, the pressure to have to provide -

We have been living ( it is really more like surviving) on my boyfriends $1,200 per month.
Have not paid our rent for January yet, $1,400 per month.(First time in my life, that I cannot come up with the money....)
I have applied for food stamps, no reply, I must not have qualified...
I applied for rent support, I did not qualify.
I have put items on craigslist to make some money, but no replies.
My state of mind:Damn that mind. Fighting depression daily.
On top of it all, I have a daughter, who is living on the edge, and is once again very depressed and suicidal. She lives in a different state - that's a whole other story....
All I want is a job - a company that is willing to hire me, not only based on my experience, but based on the fact that I am reliable, responsible, passionate about what I do.
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If you're looking for an easy job that pays well you can teach English online. They pay me $16/hour USD for only a few hours a day and they hours are flexible. Contact me if this is something you may be interested in.

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Dear prayinghands,
Thank you for your thoughtful input. Yes, I certainly will consider moving, if matters do not improve.....I do have teenage son, who is currently attending a charter school ( he could not fit into the traditional school system - long story). In the meantime I will check online regarding Williston, ND to see what's out there in my profession. Thanks again, I am glad to hear your situation has turned around. :D

North dakota williston is hiring it's one of the highest paying positions and has been on cnn most news and the internet but two problems ther is no housing but the work and the pay is worth the move if you save money and buy a rv camper. they say williston is the city to turn those who are in low income or unemployed to change their life around. and the second is it's freaking cold up here but I have been up here for two and a half year's and love how the job's are so plentiful and you can been trianed in so many field's. hope your guy's situration turn's around I been there until I moved to williston.

Don't blame yourself for the job losses, if it happened within months, it is all sorts of reasons NOT related to you I am sure. Based on which state you are in (which county for that matter), the economy could be either very weak or somewhat weak. If you are lucky to work in the manufacturing sector, and/or live in states like CA or MD, you will fare better. Hang in there, and keep trying!

Hey thanks raidenthor (interesting name..) for the encouragement. I do live in California, south, by San Diego. I love it here, but it is VERY expensive. As my profession is in construction cost control, the economic situation has been fickle. I am stubborn by nature and you bet I will keep on trying until i take my last "breath". Damn it.:D

I am in the same boat you are in. It sucks.
And the "reemployment services" offered by the State and federal governments are a joke. They point to a computer and say "go look there for a job." What the h**l do they think I have been doing?!?!

Hello, IsoBear
Yep, know what you mean.
"re-employment" agency is of no use. First applying on line seemed like a great thing. But since the employers (most of them) are using software to sift through resumes, chances for the job seeker are grim. I take it one day at a time.
I try to focus on the things I am capable of doing to keep my spirits up. How about you?

I have been at this since 2010... with about 6 months of employment thrown in there. I thought I was back on track and took out a student loan to go back to school... I got sick during the semester and got laid off at the same time.

The State of FL forces you to spend your days focused on applying for jobs... so that is what I do. Now, since unemployment is gone.... I am going to relax that some. I have tried to take some free online courses in my field to try to stay current.

But depression attacks left and right. Church also has been an occasional up-lift. But my church is in the throws of turmoil so I have withdrawn from that a good bit as well.

Boy, that sure makes it tough. So you have student loan to pay off as well?
So what happens after you have exhausted the unemployment benefits?? Do you own your residence? What is your occupational background, if I may ask?
I am a construction estimator, with a degree in interior design.

I have one semester of a student loan to pay back... about $5,000. On top of that, since I had to withdraw from the semester, I got nothing out of the semester except for debt.

I also now have over $200,000 in medical bills to pay off since my employer for those 6 months did not provide any insurance.

I have had to move back in with my mother. Yes, I get all of the jokes and laughs thrown at me about a 43 year old having to live with his mother.

And my unemployment has run out.

I live in South Carolina, and since I am a single white male, I was able to qualify for a whopping total of $16 in food stamps.

Oh, I work in the emergency management field (disaster planning and response). I have also worked in non profit management and program management.

Sorry, IsoBear,I am still new at this site. Just located your Story. So, most of the questions I had sent earlier have been answered by reading your full story.
I would not worry much about the fact that you are living at home. At least you have that support. My parents are in Germany, and they are not interested in supporting. But I do not dwell on that. You live in South Carolina, wow that is a beautiful state!! Hm, you did get food stamps - but $16.00 worth - that's insulting. What a cool profession you have! Was there any way to get involved in Sandy? (Hope this is not a too familiar question for you....) So with this career, do you work for a local government, city or is it federal? how do you go about applying for a job?

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