I Am Really Looking For An Online Job For Freelance Work

I am currently looking for online jobs, virtual assistant job or nay freelance work because I need to earn money for a living. I am almost broke now but I will give you the ideas of what I am and what I can do aside from other things:


Applications: Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) Article Writing, Blog, Forum Posting, Customer Support, Data Entry, Order Processing, Virtual Assistant, Web Search

Qualities: Hardworking, patient, creative, determined, driven

I will accept any good suggestions or ideas you may have so I can finally find a home-based online job. Thanks
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26-30, M
8 Responses Jan 16, 2013

If you're looking for an easy job that pays well you can teach English online. They pay me $16/hour USD for only a few hours a day and they hours are flexible. Contact me if this is something you may be interested in.

yes please...

Hi, I have the perfect opportunity for you, I have been rejected many times as well msg me :)

hi check out MCA www.tvcmatrix.com/monies2013 they hire you To start tonight

Hi -- check out ODESK-- they hire people online with your skill set.

Luzkh is probably a scam.

Text Broker, Interact.. There's a small community of Freelance Copywriter sites out there. I have a few friends paying their way with that, albeit in a 'nearly there' kind of way. Good luck!

Maybe We can give you a job. We stumbled across this page because we are searching for people online.

Sales & Marketing Manager and Sellers, Website asistent.

We are a Norwegian and US based urban street cloth design company that need several sellers and marketing persons to help us Improve SERP. We are looking to expand our business in USA, Canada, UK, Australia. Someone applying for this position should have proven experience selling and marketing through internet and Ebay/Amazon and other local media with good feedbacks and sale in general.

This is a great opportunity for those who will be involved in developing the company and where you will have the opportunity to rise through the ranks with time in both position and salary.

We are an exciting company that takes care of our employed through new experiences and lots of fun.

We also need a sales manager in America who can take care of our customers especially in the USA through our website. This person must have a large social network and that also can use their facebook, tweet network ex. and at the same time have experience from sales and marketing efforts. This person must also be responsible for providing us models when we need this for product shots. She / He must also be helping to arrange a surf, skate, snowboard and other competitions we will arrange in US. She / He will simply take care of the entire company in the US market with the help of the staff. This position can be a great opportunity for someone who wants to be a part of building up a new brand in USA.

We are willing to offer 25%-35% commission and advertisement cost.

Apply with confidence if you have proven sales experience and willing to work on long term partnership.

Include your promotion method and your expertise.

Maam how do I apply? where do I submit my resume?

try this out www.ilivingapp.com/positions you may be apart of it already like everyone else lol but in case you haven't heard check it out