To Work You Need Experience to Get Experience You Must Work...its a Catch 22

i have a small deg in business mgmt. but to get a job i need experience i can't get that without this job. so i work odd jobs here and there but i need something stable...fianancially and time wise...i need something in a good environment and something i know i'll enjoy so i can do my part in raising my daughter and not feel like staying at home with her is letting her down.

i just cant find one...i think i applied to everywhere in town to do anything from working at mcdonalds to marketing.

why can't a well kept smart person get a job? but some dirty person of the street is handed one.

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Experience is not always as important as courage. I have two examples. First when I was younger I wanted to build my house, but I didn't know how. I needed to gain some experience in the building trades, but I was too old to start as an apprentice. I found a company that was hiring, but I had to be a union carpenter to get it. I went to the local carpenter's union and told them I had been working out of state and I that I move here and needed a job. They told me I would have to take a test and to come back the following week. During the week I went to the library and read all I could about carpentry. I showed up on the appointed day, took their test and aced it. I was then a journeyman carpenter with no experience. I got the job and tried to hang around the older carpenters, so they could teach me. The result is that I was able to work long enough to learn the things I needed and I built my house.<br />
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The second example is about a woman I know who became a successful screw pump engineer (of all things) without a degree. She got an interview and impressed her interviewers so much that she got the job.<br />
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I am not advocating lying and falsehood. What I am suggesting is boldness. Go after what you want and make it happen... whatever it takes.

You need a better resume.<br />
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Change your resume and cover letter to make sure the competencies of each position you apply for are met. It is worth the extra effort.<br />
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Other than that is who you know.