I've been a registered nurse and professional case manager for twenty years.  I have a resume that reads like the who's who of the nursing world.

Right now I'm getting ready to WAITRESS at freakin' Ruby Tuesday's just to get some cash flow in.  Not that there's anything wrong with it, but just seems like I'd be able to get a job in my field.  Actually had to lie and tell them I've been a stay at home mom all these years so they would hire me.

What is wrong with this world??


UPDATE:  11-11-08:   I did get a nursing job.  Thank the good Lord!  I start Monday. 

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It's in the State Mental Institution as a psyc nurse.<br />
<br />
How fitting is that. <br />
<br />
~ there coming to take me away HA HA ~<br />
<br />
Thanks for all the well wishes everyone.<br />
<br />
(( big hug ))

Excellent.<br />
And an early thank you from all the people you will be fixing up!

I'd been in management for years and sometimes it is hard to look past the paper and bring someone in. <br />
But one thing I always did, was to base my decision on the interview, not the paper.<br />
Good luck Litteroo

I have the opposite problem. I have my degree but no paid experience in my field. How am I suppose to get it of no one will hire me? After college I got a job in retail, and then after staying there 8 months, I moved out of state and in with my dad which wound up being a huge mistake. He suggested I apply to the dukin donuts next door, theres no way they would hire me with a degree.. and I shouldn't have to like you said lie about my resume in reverse... <br />
A big problem is the economy..

ever considered that you may pose a threat to your new boss? Some people surround themselves with idiots to make themselves look good. The smart ones employ people who are better than them and suck up the credos

I know, I have the same problem. Worked for too many places, and gained too much experience that way. Even when I tell them I'm willing to work for way less than what I'm worth they tell me I'll change my mind later. Life is just not fair, is it?

Yeah, but what they don't know is that I'm willing to work for half of what I'm supposedly worth. <br />
Good grief. I never thought I'd have to reverse lie on my resume in order to work in my field. <br />
It's insane.

What's wrong with it is that we are becoming too experienced for our own good. Having a resume like yours mean that they have to pay you more than they have to someone with half your experience. Sad, but true.