The Real World.

i NEED a job.

i'm about to graduate college in a year and i have no idea what i'm going to do with my life. sure, i've had jobs before, but they were all bullshit jobs, like working with my dad or at the mall.

****'s weak.
i'm running out of time and i need to pick a career, pronto.

i've been to my school's employment center and looked thought hundreds of job descriptions and none of them jumped out at me.

i have a feeling i'll just be taking it right up the *** at a bullshit job it hate.
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1 Response Jun 28, 2007

When in doubt go ta work for the government! Ya didnt indicate your degree area but Forest Service, Park service hire across thre gamut as to specialties it isnt all smokey the bear type jobs. <br />
They have programs for recent grads and internships etc. just a thought. <br />
benifts are great and mostly good folks as well.<br />
Good Luck