The Horror of Unemployment

I have a rather unique story. I am a highly educated professional who got into trouble in 2005 at work. Because of politics, stupid decisions and general bad luck, I lost a great paying job and because it was a disciplinary matter, it would be quite some time before I got another job in that field. Needless to say, I have spent the better part of the last 3 years trying to find work suitable for my level of professional experience and age. It had been largely unsuccessful. My life became a vicious cycle of television, job searches and heart-renching disappointment. No lie, I must have submitted well over 500 resumes, answered 3000 online job posts and subscribed to every online career site I could find. Nothin'. I had been using the time off to be Mr. Mom, taking care of home while my wife worked two crappy jobs seven days a week. With less money coming in, we had to give up a lot of amenities that we were used to as well as a lot of necessities, not to mention having to borrow from friends and family just for the basics. I spent some time over the last few months going to the library and researching methods on getting hired and I must say, it has helped tremendously. I also read a lot of self-help books and articles and learned how to build my confidence as well as write a better resume. Just this week, I got a job, not in my chosen field but it is a job, and my three year ordeal has given me an appreciation for being employed that I would have never imagined. Ideally, this job will finance my preparation to re-enter my main profession. I am now more determined, more optimistic, and more goal oriented than ever before and that has made a huge difference on my outlook. I expect life to even out the circumstances and my faith in myself won't allow me to accept failure or self-pity like I did when all of this started. I saw a great quote which told the story perfectly and it said that sometimes it is when you lose everything, you find yourself. So, to all you lost unemployed souls out there, just stay optimistic, work hard to get yourself back out there and most of all, don't ever give up. You can do it.

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Read Jeremy Rifkin's The End of Work (1994) and The 3rd Industrial Revolution (2011). Go to engineer William Brain's website Robotic Nation. Watch the 1964 Rod Serling Twilight Zone episode "The Brain Center at Whipple's." You will discover that your inability to get a job is not your fault. All the jobs on this planet are being automated. Right now salev wages, outsourcing and H1BV insourcing are the early stages of this revolution which started with the computer and will end with robots. It is not your fault.

family is more important than a job tom hanks did fine in castaway without a job he just lacked company but that was paradise no one to answer to food and shelter at his disposal just lacked a dentist and hospital and he would of been made lol only messing I am currently seeking work myself but I don't let it get me down I just blame all the teenagers having babies to young over populating the country so not enough work for everyone and it will get worse.

It didn't work for me...I've tried the books part, the sympathy part (e.g. this is the situation nowadays for everyone), the patience part, but nothing seems to work. I can't pay my tuition, I can't help in the house bills, I can't give my parents a present for supporting me up until now...I feel like all my life I've been studying for nothing...I feel useless and not needed... :(

Congradulations on your new found job!!! I am so happy for you!!! Yes,this unemployment is rough on all of us we all have the same feelings helplessness,no self esteem,depression,anxiety,loss of social interaction and on and on.Your post is a big inspiration to all of us still out of the fence way to go!!! Thanks for sharing

Man u just described what im going through perfectly!! I just keep having such bad luck!! but im gonna try the hiring techniques books and such i hope it works!!!

hey if you are need a job...i just started mlm and i have been successful in far...if you are looking for work that can pay as much as you want me

I understand 100%

Hi FearlessHyena,<br />
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In December, I got fired *again.* My story is pretty similar to euphoria123. I've had 2 interviews since and I've gotten a whole lot of "thanks but no thanks" letters, as I like to call them. Your story gives me some hope that someday it will change. I'm qualified to be a librarian but I'm starting to apply for part time jobs at places like Barnes and Noble and other retail outlets. I'll do whatever I have to in order to get my foot in the door. Thanks for giving us all hope. I hope in the years since you've posted this, you've gotten a job in your chosen field. Best of luck.

Looking for work is hell, sad that we tell students get a 4 year degree and 70% of all jobs require Assoc degree or less. Do not give up, temp services could help, the state employment office has some options. Check traing options at the local state employment office, if there is one. If you like driving become a truck driver, there is a demand and they do not care about your education. Be careful on your work search, use friends, listen when you go shopping, church. Redo your resume, slice it to one page. Resumes are scanned and applications are checked in 10 seconds. Look at the smaller businesses, not the larger ones. Use the library, sometimes they have programs. Do not sit on your *** and do nothing. Can you turn your hobby into a job. Remember it is easier to find a job than to keep it.

Well, I just wanted to share an excellent business opportunity with all of you. Please go to and watch the video. Once you've seen it, please email me at and let me know what you think.

money made all this mess, economy should be ba<x>sed in ressources not in money flow, which is terribly viased in favor of the banks and their owners, if machines and technology could do everything and provide us with anything in such amounts that, no price should exist, we could finally live without horrors like this, but it seems like a very far ideal how sad...

great post!

Thank you for posting this message. My husband has been upset with me because I've been jobless since last August. Being unemployed for a long period of time does damage your self esteem considerably. Having a partner who does not understand how difficult it is to get work these days makes matters worse. I've just recently gotten my confidence back and I'm optimistic that I will get something soon... at least for now. We'll see how it is in a few weeks if i'm still unemployed lol.

Anyone here from Raytheon? I have been sending out applications there and have not heard from them. <br />
<br />
60% of unemployed americans are said to have been out of the job for over 6 months. Some have been for a year and even more. The danger was emphasized by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben bernanke in an interview on 60 minutes that worker skills are perishable and the more they languish in unemplyment, the more likely they might stay that way, especially if you are 40 something.<br />
<br />
Its really really very bad out there. Lets all help each other by sharing info about what company is hiring what, the application process, who to send the application, hints and tips. <br />
<br />
If you know a job, even an overseas job to war torn countries, some one could be interested. I sure would be. Thank you everyone.

I am probably fortunate to write this. I have never been out of a job and I am 41 years old, never married and no children! I am a technical partner a.k.a. glorified nurses aide. I don't want to go any further in my career because Nursing may give satisfaction to some but if you are not careful, you could lose everything. It's funny how everyone pushes this idea you MUST HAVE an education to succeed. I find it quite ironic that this is no longer the case. The American dream is now ba<x>sed the Haves and Have Nots. It all boils down to money and greed. I feel that if you are well liked and received, you will go far in life. I have never met an unkind person in my place of employment, and if I did, I would simply smile to them and try to make the situation into a positive one.

thanks for sharing your story guys, this will be a lot help to others who's searching for job. it'll be a lesson :D<br />
<br />
<br />
__________<br />
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Thanks for posting I am in a suicidal mood but I try to stay busy with looking for work working in commision ba<x>sed jobs and trying to figure out if I should waste time with MLM.

If they are not selling anything, do not do MLM. They are pyramid schemes in disguise.

Make sure the MLM program is legitimate. Do your homework.

FTC's tips for evaluating a multilevel
marketing opportunity:

"1. Avoid any plan that includes commissions for recruiting
additional distributors. It may be an illegal pyramid. [And,
by the way, calling it "benefactoring" won't help. Just a
handy hint ...]

"2. Beware of plans that ask new distributors to purchase
expensive products and marketing materials. These plans
may be pyramids in disguise.

"3. Be cautious of plans that claim you will make money
through continued growth of your downline, that is, the
number of distributors you recruit. [Don't take this tip out
of context - by definition, the more people you have in
your downline, the more you'll legitimately make in MLM.
What the FTC is saying here is to watch out if the plan
rewards you for recruiting per se, rather than paying you
a commission on sales of product to the general public
generated by your downline.]

"4. Beware of plans that claim to sell miracle products or
promise enormous earnings. Ask the promoter to
substantiate claims.

"5. Beware of shills - "decoy" references paid by a plan's
promoter to lie about their earnings through the plan.

"6. Don't pay or sign any contracts in an "opportunity
meeting" or any other pressure-filled situation. Insist on
taking your time to think over your decision. Talk it over
with a family member, friend, accountant or lawyer.

"7. Do your homework! Check with your local Better
Business Bureau and State Attorney General
about any plan you're considering - especially when the
claims about the product or your potential earnings seem
too good to be true. [Don't rely too much on the BBB
though - companies pay to be listed with them so they're
not as authoritative and independent as they seem. Asking
whether they have complaints on file about your particular
program is worthwhile, however.]

"8. Remember that no matter how good a product and how
solid a multilevel marketing plan may be, you'll need to
invest sweat equity as well as dollars for your investment
to pay off."

By testing any opportunity against the above tips, you'll
go a long way to ensuring that what you're getting yourself
into is a legitimate MLM program and not an illegal pyramid.
Probably the best gut check of them all though is the good
old "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

Interesting stories from everyone. <br />
<br />
I graduated last year, and now planning for graduate degree, but this gap year has made me think and wonder if the old traditional ways still really apply. I mean, the whole go to school and then get a job speech. <br />
<br />
I watched a talk on TED few weeks ago, and this speaker was talking about the importance of entrepreneurship. He gave his life story, how his parents raised me with a entrepreneurship mind set since he was a young boy. <br />
<br />
The point he was trying to make was, its important that schools start to take entrepreneurship serious, for example, offer classes about the subject matter from early on. I thought his argument was very valid and relevant, especially today where just having plan A is not enough, simply because the corporate world no longer promises a rosy life. <br />
<br />
Now, few months I started my own business, something I building slowly and working my way up with time. After listening to many horror stories about retirement is no longer possible for many, and many people find themselves having to work harder for less, I started to take my young life serious so I don't find myself in a similar situation. I wanted to start a business which I will be able to receive residual income, so even when I have an accident, or something happens and I cannot work for a while, I can still continue to get paid. I wanted this, because life is more unpredictable today then ever before. <br />
<br />
My goal is to be able to make enough today, and save enough to start investing on things that I am passionate about. The life of working hard just to pay bills, is one that I wont to avoid as much as possible, but again with life you can never be so sure what awaits you tomorrow. However, nothing is impossible until ones try it. <br />
<br />
I have come across so many opportunities, but nothing like this, with so much success stories. The good thing is, its understandable that this may not be for everyone, but its worth the try with a lot of support system. My goal is doing this for few years when I don't have so many responsibilities and make it work, so as to prepare me for those many responsibilities ahead of me. <br />
<br />
I am looking forward to graduate school, knowing it might not pay off right way, but its better to have something to fall back to then nothing at all. The lesson i have learned, always keep your options open, always have more than one option in this life today, unless you're Bill Gates and friends. <br />
<br />
I would like to welcome everyone to see if this is for them or not, its worth your curiosity and then its left to you to do an educated decision for you and your family. <br />

I lost my job in 2008. I know what you mean. I sent endless resumes to that black hole they call monster dot com and careers dot com and so on. I have an engineering BS and an MBA, and it has been an endless struggle to find a job. I even built scaffolds for two months. What a back breaking, low paying job that is. I even went back to school to try to get the required credits to qualify to take the CPA exam, but I ran out of money and time. We spent all of our savings to try to save our house, which for now we did. It is gut wrenching and horrific, but I have a loving woman that helps me through it all. <br />
I have resorted to traveling all over Texas and Louisiana to go work construction. Some jobs are good some are bad, but most pay well. <br />
Taveling like that I miss out on my kids life and I sometimes lose touch with my woman. I am almost 44, and have no retirement anymore and I seriously need to make up that time. What in the hell am I gonna do. <br />
I know the man rule, "Men do not cry" so I don't let my woman see me, but I have had fits of rage and cried. I start to feel unsuitable and like a failure to my family. I want to throw darts at those two, actually three, degrees I have hanging on the wall. They used to be a sourse of pride to me, now they are just reminders that maybe just maybe education and hard work did not pay off. <br />
What the **** should I tell my kids, "work hard, get an education, and you could be as broke and poor as me."?

I know exactly how you feel, but I'm beyond crying. Ever since we moved to this area, it really hasn't been good luck for us. We want to sell our house and move, but no one's buying. I can't keep the crappy jobs, and I can't find the good ones. I keep interviewing but no bites. I keep on trying though.
I had an interview today (shortly thereafter was fired from my current B.S. position) and have another interview Friday. I'm going to a job fair tomorrow, and will fill out another application elsewhere.

You are lucky that you have a supportive wife. My husband suffers from chronic pain and is retired on disability. He doesn't understand the current job climate, and our relationship has suffered because of it. We live in a very rural area, and there's not that many good jobs. We're behind in taxes, and we have 1 year to sell our house before it's taken for back property taxes. How can I pay $4000 dollars a year when I make $8 or so an hour yet keep lights on and such?

As I read your story, I understand your pain. Has anything improved for you yet? When we are at the lows of our life we just don't know how we'll get out but that is what makes us the person we are today. My husband and I are in so much debt at this point, I don't see a way out.......luckily for me a good friend of mine contacted me earlier this year about an opportunity that came her way. I was desperate and needed to do something. I can only work so many hours in a week and we are just getting by. I took that leap of faith and trusted in her and now I am so grateful for the chance to be able to "dream again". I needed this to work, otherwise I don't know what would've happened to us---probably bankruptcy and who knows if my marriage would've lasted. I'm so thankful for this opportunity that when I see posts like yours my heart goes out to you and I just need to share the information with you to give you hope.

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm about to finish a graduate program in a couple weeks and it seems everyone in my class is getting a job but me. I've been getting very depressed about my job search so far, but after reading your post I realized I have to get back to thinking positively. <br />
<br />
If you can come back after three years, I can start a new career.<br />
<br />
How are things now? What resources did you read?

i was a straight laced realtor wheeling and dealing during the boom. i had everything and lost it all.. six months later trying to reclaim my lost fortune i started exploring my plan b's and c's . I did the necessary research and built an adult entertainment website. I now make more than i ever made selling million dollar homes.<br />
sweet dreams studios webcam models helped to build my business from the ground up and i now feel like i free of the stress of the traditional workday. i am thankful for the trials of the past few years that lowered my inhibitions about adult entertainment and have been happy support my family with the money it makes me

Office politics suck, I will never understand what colleges are doing to prepare people to be managers or leaders, but they are doing a **** poor job of it. I've never seen such poorly trained people who have been put into our leadership rolls. It seems to have filter all the way through our government positions. I have finally decided I am not a good employee. Although I have really good work ethics, work hard at work, I am honest, treat others well, great customer service skills, just won't play the game. I am a sr. experience level and don't feel I have to take that crap anymore... are you detecting an attitude!!! About a year ago I did find a couple of things online, that I think will allow me to quite my job in the next 12 months, I couldn't be happier. You can contact me if you want to know how I did it, no cost either, that was the best part.

I, like you, am a highly qualified educator and administrator. I was put out of work by a ***** principal that couldn't handle that she knew nothing and everyone liked me better than her. It may be because I knew my job! You think! Well beings that she is headed by a moron Superintendent that should not even be in education, she had me booted out for so called budget reasons. I also took documentation and proof to the Superintendent that the principal was doing things illegal but still, like the America we live in, I was the one booted for doing the right thing. I am currently working on my doctorate and my husband had to move back to his hometown to find work since he was also laid off. So I am sitting at home with two beautiful daughters wondering what the heck I am going to do. Education is so political and unfair and we wonder what is happening to our kids.

There is a <i>lot</i> to be said for not working for idiots...

After 17 years of breaking rocks in corporate America I was downsized in '00. I was 50, and ran headlong into age discrimination. My credentials were drop dead good, but I couldn't get hired to save my soul. So I became a freelancer simply out of necessity. 8 years later I wouldn't go back inside if you put a gun to my head. Sometimes things work out for a surprising reason. In your attempts to get back to where you were, you may be overlooking superior options that require growth.