After College Job Searching

I'm a recent college graduate. And it is so hard finding a job. Most jobs want experience. It's kinda a cycle. How am I suppose to get experience if no one will hire me? I even put in applications at the mall and shopping centers so I would at least have something temporarily. Can't even get a job there! My dad was like you are either unqualified or over qualified. This is frustrating. Mmm, maybe I should just give up become a starving writer and work on my novel.
update: ok still no damn job. I've applied to lots of places, have had some interviews but no offers. I have decide to apply for grad schools for next fall, but still need something in the mean times. Unfortunately my bills won't pay themselves (haha would be nice if they could).  I've been looking for about four months now, I started in the beginning of the summer, I did slow it down some during my summer classes needed to finish the degree. But as soon as it was over I started looking super hard again (class was over two months ago) I finnally had a meltdown over the weekend, the stress is getting to be too much. :(
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By the way just to see, what was you degree in? Mine was Specialized technology.... aka photography.

I graduated college May 2009. I filled out 28 applications before I finally got a job at mall. I mean i couldnt even get a job at a diner it was sad. My job went out of business last week, so once again I am back were I started, what i recommend you do is not put down that you will not be working once you go back to college. We tossed so many applications aside at my job due to that. And what kind of hours are you putting down, open or limited? <br />
By the way i was only making $8 an hour working 6 days a week, IMPOSSIBLE, if you have school loans. UGH!

thanks.:) I was thinking about grad school, but decied to delay it.

I understand. I graduated last year and still work part time at Borders Bookstore for just above minimum wage. Most of my co-workers have degrees and can't find full time work. Several are planning on going to grad school-just hoping they'll find a job then.

thanks for the commnets. :) I do some voulenteer work. I do enjoy that. :)

You could always try volunteer work for a bit? Pays the same amount as not having a job, but gives you experience ;)