Out of the Loop

Worked for hourly wage/general office till I Moved to Vegas almost 7 yrs ago.<P> Made glass beads & jewelry, sold Avon till last year.<P>Need to return to the real world lol to make a real living.  No luck so far.  Being away from the daily job for someone else seems to employers that I don't have any experience any longer.  Very frustrating.
desertgirl desertgirl
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2007

I can relate. I have become virtually unemployable from being out of the work world so long. Not just lack of experience, but lack of that special skill required not to attack stupid bosses and colleagues with staple guns. If you are young, my advice would be college. At my age......well, my husband supports me.

Job hunting is definitely on my list of the top three most unpleasant activities in life. It can be so discouraging sometimes. Hang in there.... you only need one right job, so 100 no's is ok, just keep going til you get to the job that you want and they want you too! It's tough as we get older too sometimes- sometimes I fear that employers are looking for youngsters. It's not true though, age brings wisdom and skills and experience.