I Need Work At Home

I live in Almira, far from everything, don't have a degree, only high school, but I am smart and know how to do a lot things. Computer all Microsoft programs, web design, programming, macromedia, photoshop, carpentry, oil painting, watercolor, and much much more. I also love cooking, Brazilian, Italian, Chinese food.

By the way, I am from Brazil, with Italian ancestry, I lived 2 years in China.

I desperately need an income, my husband is retired, doesn't earn much, I got sick and now we have a lot bills to pay. We don't have anybody to help us here.

Please, if you have something for me to work, I will be grateful.

In the past I tried some work at home business but they don't work at all, only took money from me.

Have a wonderful day!


tiavic tiavic
51-55, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2007

yea, stay away from those "work form home businesses" they are mostly scams. I'm having lots of trouble finding a job myself. Check with your town and see if they have any kind of employment angency or something like that, that helps people find work. They might be able to direct you to local businesses that need people to do work for them, possibly from home. I'm not sure what though, if you are really good with computers with technolgy these days you might be able to find something computer related. Good luck.:)