I Am So Tired

Of applying for a million and one pathetic jobs, and still not getting anything back from it. I am well and truly over being unemployed, not only because i'm broke, but because i'm really lacking some kind of routine in my life, and craving it. I have applied for SO many jobs, all of which are most definitely in my league, and if anything they're slackers jobs. I just need to get one as soon as possible because i need to be able to support myself with something while i'm studying. I'm really getting over searching through jobs. I'm really getting over applying for jobs. I'm really getting over my application not being good enough.

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

what are your degrees and postulation prospects?, maybe we can help you improve them...

I am sorry to hear about your stories. I graduated last year and it hasnt been easy for a college graduate going against people who have a lot of experience. <br />
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Its been a long year, and I have seen how my friends families going through tough time. Right now I am doing some part time research work. On top of that, I came across this great opportunity which has helped me to earn some extra income while I continue to explore more options. <br />
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I thought I should share with you all this opportunity and hopefully you'll all look at it and make a good decision for yourselves. <br />
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Looking forward to hearing from you all<br />
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hey i need one too. ive been laid off since sept. 30th!!

maybe your resume is not grabbing peoples attention enough, also i am sure you know but i am going to say it anyways have you made two types of resume, one for people and one for machines. most of the time your resume is scanned for key words in a resume before its even looked at by people! have you tried monster or tried going to a professional about your resume? there must be free one but i am not sure what they are called here (i am Canadian) <br />
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good luck :)