And I Am Being Screwed Around

My old job called back last month and they told me they needed me. Well, then a week later, they say that's it is going to be another week. Well by that point I am thinking, okay, there is no job. So I call them back anyway, I've always been good friends with the boss and he started to explain that it's because of the recession. He said that there are a lot of orders right now, but because of the recession, they are having problems getting material from the companies they normally order from. He says they are going to need me because when the material comes, we are going to be very busy, but I've waited a month already. I don't want to wait any longer. I am thinking of just moving to the city and working part time or something. I am so bored.

Ashley868 Ashley868
31-35, F
Feb 17, 2009