I Need a Damn Job, Now

Well, I have been unemployed for about 9 months. Long time huh? Well, anyway I have 2 small kids and, NO income. None. I mean, I have applied to fast food places and, everything. I would clean up dog crap right now for money I am so desperate. Well, family is helping out while I am looking for a job. I mean, I know the economy sucks but, come on now! This is ridiculous!!!

GurLfromVA GurLfromVA
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

No one cares about moms...I am expected to be home for my son yet get this awesome job with full time hours. My husband cannot understand WHY I am not getting calls and yells at me out of frustration.<br />
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I used to have a life. Now I just despair. I try to believe in a better tomorrow but everyone seems depressed here...at least it is not just me.