I Picked a Perfect Time to Graduate

I graduated in December with a B.F.A. in Publishing and moved to NY to find a job. It was already a low-demand field to begin with. And now? I've sent out about 30 resumes, from jobs in editorial to subsidiary rights. As time passes I'm getting less picky. I'll take anything! Even a job that pays peanuts, working in the mail room of some sketchy scholastic publishing house. I have the internships, recommendations, and a bloody DEGREE in publishing. I've been to about 2 interviews and did a great job...but they decided to go with the person with "more experience." Wow. Really? To an entry level job that didn't even list a degree as a requirement? Though I suppose I should be glad that I got any response back.

I'm beginning to feel like something is wrong with me, like I have leprosy or something. I've been looking for a job since well before I graduated. Since January I even opened up my focus to include temp agencies, library jobs, childcare, etc. ( which I admit I have to apply to more of), but I'm getting the same response.

My parents never went to college, so I was their hope for something big. Did I pursue law or medicine? No. I had to go after publishing because I loved books. I probably would have a job then or at the least, I'd still be in school, outside of this stagnant job market. And am I complaining too early? Possibly. It's been two months. The situation is just so...complicated. I'm doing volunteer work just so I don't lose my mind (and a bit for altrusim). I'm not waiting for it to be handed to me by any means. It's also difficult transitioning from the past 21 years of my life where I have always been in school or working to...this.

I wish my alma mater was more helpful with networking. I wish I could stop stressing over resumes, cover letters, and holding my breath next to my phone. I wish I had a damn job.

Cyntea Cyntea
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 25, 2009

I am sorry for your situation. It must feel awful that after all that effort and full degree you can not find a job. I was in the situation like yours. I have graduated in Russia from Finance College and when I lived there I always got jobs, I had jobs even before I had the Degree. Now when I came to the US, and was a single mom and no child support, no money, being supported by DSHS, I applied for bookkeeping jobs, people just laughed me and said " no experience in the US". I had the experience but it still was not the right one. I worked at Walgreens for a few years and then I moved to a different state and after 5 year altogether then I was hired. But it was frustrating as hell. They would just look at me and say " we need experience", while I would run into people with my situation , no experience and no degree hired for job I wanted. <br />
Since then , you know, things got better. I got jobs.<br />
Right now I am going to a different field so I do not have to do the job I do not like...<br />
Do not get discouraged, keep on going, your time will come