Praying to the Employment Gods!

It seems with all of my Clerical Skills, I just can't seem to get a job!  I keep running into the same road block.  Back in the year 2000, I trusted someone who I thought was my friend.  Turned out to be a non-friend!  I was working as a receptionist when the so called friend needed a full-time babysitter.  I debated about it and made the mistake of trusting in them.  So I quit my job to stay at home and watch kids.  Everything was going okay for awhile, I was even keeping her infant overnight while her husband and 7yr old boy went away for the night.  We did a lot of stuff together, that's why I thought she was a friend.  Her son had Hyper-Attention Deficit Disorder.  He was always asking me if he could live with me and my husband, but I told him he had a nice home.  Numerous times I had to call him mom or step-dad when he would call me names, hit or hurt one of the other kids I was watching.  The last time I watched him and his baby brother was the day I never forget.  This young boy kept acting up, calling me names, threatening to me.  At first I told him to go to his room and he didn't.  So I stood behind him on the steps and told him to go to his room.  It was a slow process, when he finally got to the top of the steps, he ran to his parents room and slammed the door, started screaming.  I walked in asked him what was wrong with him. He than started calling me nasty names, kicking at me.  I told him to stop yelling as I walked over to the window and shut it.   I went back down stairs to call his parents to come home and take care of their child, I also informed them that I would not be watching there kids anymore, I wasn't going to take a 7 year old beating up on me.  I kept hearing the upstairs doors slamming while his baby brother was trying to sleep.  After my husband got home, we took all the things that we bought for the baby to their apartment 2 doors down.  I finished watching the other children that I had.  A couple of days later a Cop shows up at our door saying that I abused their 7yr old son and had an arrest warrant out for me.  I was charged with Child Endangering, Assault and Disorderly Conduct.  All of them Misdemeanors.  Not once did I ever lay a hand on him or any kid for that fact.  They said in there complaint that I picked the kid up by his ankles and beat his behind.  First of all it was physically impossible for me to do this.  I have Degenerative Disc Dease in my back.  I can't lift that much wait.  When it came time for the hearing, the judge already said she had her mind made up before the trial started, than the boy testified and my attorney asks the boy, Did you receive any toys or gifts for telling the story, the way your parents told you to tell?  He than answers YES, he had gotten a toy!  Tried and convicted all on a bed of lies!  No jail time, just probation and after probation I was told I could get my record expunged.  OH and to top it off they got us evicted from our apartment.  They told the people who managed the complex what happened and the grounds for eviction was commiting a criminal act on premisis.  So my husband and I moved 120 miles south to be back my family.  Now they have changed the law and I can't get it expunged.  So therefore I am having a hard time finding employment 6 years later.  All employers see is the Child Endangering and Assault and automatically think I'm going to harm someone else....They don't care to know the truth, the real thruth.....
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I would suggest you try sales. Find a product, products or a service you can sell. There are lots of then out there. Most companies hiring salespeople,, as independent contractors, don't look to hard at your background. The answer I get when I suggest this to someone is "I'm not good at sales" . I was't either at first ,but I stuck it out and learned how to sell.

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OMG! I am flabbergasted! I don't even know what to say... I wish you and your family well.

This is horrible! Maybe a smaller company wouldn't do a background check. I am really sorry you went through this.