The Worse Job In the World

It s defiantly finding one.

With the amount of time you spend per week searching, and applying for jobs, and setting up interviews, should be considered as a full time job itself. Then you finally find an entry level job, read the description and it says 2-3 years of experience is required. How are you suppose to get experience for a job that has the purpose of providing experience for beginners? Then there are those jobs that claim experience is not required but preferred. So you apply as soon as you can, only to get an almost instant e-mail reply addressing that you do not have enough experience!

Azoru Azoru
3 Responses Jun 19, 2009

I can so relate! Argh. Hopefully, we'll find jobs soon. It's so frustrating.

Thank you for your advice and encouragement!

A trip out of here?! You're so kind!<br />
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Don't they have man eating Godzillas over there?