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I've never had a "real job" - I've worked for my mother, my college, a seasonal job at a theme park, and a dancer in a bar. My most recent job was a cashier at Wal-Mart, even though I have a college degree, I was having no luck finding a "real job", especially one that would allow me to be a very active part of my daughter's life. I quit that job in November 2006, moved in with my boyfriend in May 2007, and started having driving anxiety in April 2007. Because of the attacks, I don't see how I can drive to a job, and I refuse to work at the one place within walking distance, a 7-11.

My daughter is 2 and almost potty-trained, and I would love more than anything to get her into a montessori preschool, because she is so incredibly smart. My mother said she would split the cost with me (a big part of that is that she doesn't agree with me being a stay-at-home mother). I love staying at home, but I know my daughter would learn so much more at the preschool. So how the hell do I find a job super duper close by, one that actually pertains to my degree (social sciences), and one that will pay enough so that not all of it goes directly into the preschool??
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I finished up my B.A. over the summer (also in social sciences-sociology)and the only job I was finally able to get was a seasonal job in retail. I would keep the wal-mart job for now, and keep your eyes open for jobs that have to do with your degree and keep sending out those resumes to those jobs, while working wal-mart. I know how much it sucks to have a degree and the only place that will hire you is retail. Part of the reason I went to college was to avoid that type of job!