Needing To Get A Job After Graduating College

Well I most definitely need a job, now that I have graduated from college and need to pay back the loan. The administrators seemed to think it would move me towards getting a better job than I had previously but so far only a few bites and I am getting very frustrated. I am such a hard worker but I can't put my talents and skills to good use right now. I will try to stay positive...

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Interesting opinion, I have found there are a lot of volunteer and internship opportunities at least where I live. I think with internships and volunteering you have to pick ones that will give you the best experience. I think by exploring your options and using different resources such as a career counselor it helps you grow as a person and can help assist you with landing the right job. Again, its just my opinion but as I always say positive thinking will get you a long way.

i hate to disagree but most places don't want volunteers and if they accept them they will put you to the most meanal tasks which won't improve skills or allow you to gain expanded skills in your feild <br />
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internships are rare and too often want you to already have the skills you are there to learn (both ridiculious and ironic) <br />
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career counselors are the personification of a waste of space <br />
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welcome to the messed up world we live in

I am in the same boat only I have my masters degree. I have been out of school for about two months. I have found your not going to get a job right away after you finish school. Education is great but you also need the experience, try getting internships or volunteering in your field. Also network, network, network, it gets you a long way. Also dont hesitate to follow up after the interview process. Talk to a career counselor they are very helpful, and always remember the right job will come to you just keep staying positive :)

welcome to the hampster wheel of education and don't assume that grad degree will get you anything without ridiclous amounts of experience

I'm in the same boat!! i just finished my undergrad and now i feel like i cant get a job unless i have a graduate degree...i want to go back to school, but with the amount of loans i have taken out--i need to work NOW. And what i hate the most is when i go for an interview or apply; when denied the position they say its b/c i have little to no experience--how the hell will i get the experience if no one hires me!!