My Job Went Out Of Business This Week.

After graduating college in May 2009 I filled out 28, YES 28, job applications. Everything from pet stores, grocery stores, diners, resturaunts, photography studios (what my degree is in) anything you could possibly imagin, i was getting desperate. I finally found a job running a girls formal wear shop. I loved it so much that I dedicated everything I had to that place. Then December 2009 came around. I had to start paying school loans back and me and my boyfriend moved into our own place (last place we had we shared with a roommate) come to find out $8 hour wasnt nearly as great after all with all of my monthly bills.

Say i worked 6 hours, 1/2 an hour would be taken off my paycheck for that day. Say I worked 7 hours, an hour would be taken off my paycheck for that day. Prob. not legal (not sure) but i had a job! Thats all i cared about!

This past Thursday im sitting at work (which by the way was located in a mall) a security guard comes in and hands me an envelope and a letter. envelope was addressed to my boss. I had to sign the letter saying i got it. So I decide to read it before I sign my name. And there in big bold letters jumping out at me, all things must be moved out of the store by feb 19th (the next day) you are being closed down for not paying rent. UGHHH. I really think my jaw dropped.

I called my boss, explaining to her what just happened and she didnt seem that shocked. BTW she just got back from Mexico the previous week.

So here I am $900 a month bill payments, rent, school loans, cell, etc. And no job. I mean it was no time to even find another job before the other ended.

Now my boyfriend is working as much overtime as possible (worked 14 hours today) so that we can pay rent coming this month.

Dont know what i am going to do =(, I have filled out some applications, but who knows anymore.

CurlyQ18042 CurlyQ18042
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

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The most important thing is to not be discouraged as so many are going through the same situation. I am sorry to hear your bad luck in finding a job, it is very hard times. They say that more than 40% of graduates are unemployed for six months or more. It's not you, its the economy.