Difficulty In Finding A Job Can Be Your Greatest Blessing, Here’s Why

I understand having been a job seeker myself, the frustration of receiving one no after another, leading to one questioning: what is wrong with me? Why am I not good enough and why no matter how hard I try I can’t get a job? It is not you! There are countless job seekers who are experiencing the frustration of finding a job, even people who once upon a time were prized possessions of corporations, where they had numerous job offers have found themselves unemployable. To the point they have given up on their job search all together.

 In not being able to find a job does not mean you have the right to give up completely. Use this free time to reflect on all the valuable skills and knowledge you have accumulated over the years and make it work for you. Ask yourself what things have you noticed in your life experiences that are not available that would be highly useful to not only you, but to the masses? Asking this question has proved to be very rewarding for many over the years, as it was during the past economically challenging times individuals asking this question created new businesses, where these new businesses enjoyed great success for years to come including: the Apple iPod launched in the 2001 recession, FedEx launched during the 1973 oil crisis recession and Healthy Choice launched during the 1989-92 recession with sales of 350Million within three years.

 And yes, you too can become a part of this great group of innovators during these economically challenging times when you utilize your experiences, skills and time in creating products and services that fulfill a need that is not currently being met.

 Now you are left asking the question, I have a great business idea, but how can I achieve it when I don’t have the capital required, the connections or all the skills required? The answer to this question is www.cluehut.com where you can create a profile for free, and search others profiles of individuals who are seeking and can offer different sets of skills in making your business dreams, goals and aspirations a reality. It’s our connections with each other during these challenging times that have us creating great successes.

ClueHut ClueHut
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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

We are in a state of financial emergency across the country. I quickly learned that NO "job" would ever be SECURE, I was helping someone else achieve their dreams, fund their retirement and my life had to be controlled by ME. There are MANY students graduating from college next month, May, and they will graduate with DEBT up to their eyeballs and won't have any jobs waiting to hire them. It's time more people begin to get in the driver's seat of their OWN income, health, time & freedom. <br />
This may NOT be for you, but if you know anyone who is interested in working from the comfort of their home, while achieving their short term and long term financial goals, all while having a team support them, feel free to contact me leadersbuildingleadersunited(at)gmail.com