Losing Faith

Mental health is simply not an issue that America properly addresses in any form. One would think at this point in civilization that it wouldn't be as difficult as it is to find someone to help whom:

  • is supportive

  • doesn't make you wait literally hours because they don't understand that even we have lives....or at least we're trying

  • has good intentions and wants to help

  • refrains from BLAMING patients when they don't have insurance

  • Does not threaten to place someone in a mental hospital when the patient clearly does not need to be admitted and the doctor just happens to also work FOR that hospital. WTF

  • Decides not to shake his head during every visit and tell you you're on too many meds, some of which he put you on…and the other, OTHER DOCTORS PUT YOU ON.

  • doesn't judge (HA! right)

  • is EDUCATED regarding medications (I'm dreaming now) and maybe even their interactions

  • doesn't give you something like Xanax when you tell him from day one that you have an addictive personality…then you continually try to communicate this being an issue and he gives you MORE

  • if he gives you his private number for emergencies and you call for said emergency (at a decent hour, not 4am) he doesn't act put out

  • reads what you initially write before your first visit (this goes for ALL DOCTORS)

  • Doesn't repeatedly glance at the clock

  • Remembers what he told you during your last visit instead of insinuating he never said it.

  • Doesn't speak for about 5 minutes while looking at your file, and then says, "So, what's new?"

  • Believes you actually know how to spell your last name instead of berating you because he's never seen an "R" after an "M".

  • decides it's best not to tell you that your passions in life will never make you money (especially when you’re excited about an idea and he shoots it down)

  • actually consults with your therapist whose complete info he has, (who knows you much better) instead of acting like you've never said her name before

  • doesn't bad mouth other doctors (whom you've seen)

  • writes prescriptions correctly each time (particular doctor wrote 2 different scripts wrong on 2 different occasions...really)

  • knows how to write those scripts because he has resources that tell him what doses medications come in

  • when looking at his iPad, doesn't tell me I'm wrong about something I've taken in the past or a place I've gotten it cheaper

  • refrains from telling me that the pharmacy I prefer is crap

  • stays educated regarding mental illness conditions and research

  • doesn't say "I'm not giving you ____" (whatever med) when you NEVER asked for it

  • doesn't give you the overall impression that there's NOTHING he can do and there's no hope.

  • does not say "You have a Major Personality Problem" in a not so nice way (not that you could say that kindly) after you've already been diagnosed with specific disorders.

Those are just a couple of wish list items. I'm sure I could come up with more. These examples have 5 different doctors in mind, individually and sometimes collectively.

Whatever institute declared my last doctor fit to prescribe medication and talk to patients about health, in any regard, should be shut down and all prior students have their degrees revoked!

I do want to say I had one OK doctor. His staff was horrific though and he was too far away. I had to wait hours to see him, but he himself was a good person. He's the one my last "doctor" badmouthed...and then said, "Oh, no, it's another guy. But he's in *that* office".
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wow. i feel alone in this...o well.