Welcome To My Crazy Life.. :)

Hello all! I thought I would introduce myself and share my back story. My name is Jennie, I'm 27, and I was born with Congenital Heart Disease. The variety I have is one of the more rare ones-- Pulmonary Atresia with ventricular septal defect. I was diagnosed and had my first surgery at 6 months old. By age twelve I had more than 5 open heart surgeries and I think around 8 catherizations to correct my condition. It was a rough childhood being in and out of the hospital, and constantly out of school for doctor's appointments. To say the least, it definitely didn't make me the popular kid in school. lol

About a year ago, I transferred to a new Adult Congenital Heart Specialist. He put me on a heart monitor in April since I told I'd been having more dizzy spells than normal. The monitor results showed I was having some V-tach. So then I was sent to an Electrophysiologist. He suggested we do an electrophysiology catherization test to see how my heart responds from there. On August 22nd I went in for the test. While I was being prepped, he came in a spoke to me again about what the procedure would include, and what the potential outcomes may be. He asked me, that should he find I needed an ICD, if I would want him to go ahead and put it in. I wasn't expecting to have it implanted that day, so the question took me by surprise, but I said yes. I would much rather have this thing that would save my life than not have it. When I woke up from surgery, I knew he had implanted it. It honestly was a moment of pure fear and disbelief. I couldn't wrap my brain around it. But in the end, I'm so grateful I have it.

It's been a hard recovery for me. Physically, I'm not in pain anymore. I am sore every now and then, especially when I sit up from laying down. Emotionally, it's been daunting. I went back for my check up a week ago and the doctor discussed what all he found during the procedure. The pressure in my chambers is higher than it should be, and he thinks it could be attributed to Pulmonary Hypertension since I have MAPCA's. So more tests have to be run for that. If it's the reversible type than I just might need an oxygen tank or medicine to help open up the blood vessels further. If it's the irreversible, then I might be looking at a heart and lung transplant. So..it's a lot to take in. I will say, this situation definitely makes me look around at my life, and learn not to take things for granted. Just a year or so ago my husband and I was talking about when we wanted to try to have kids. Now..who knows. There is always adoption. But right, just gotta take care of myself and stay positive. Attitude really is everything, especially when it comes to your health. It can be hard to remind yourself of that in difficult and scary times. But if you do..it can make all the difference.

I look forward to hearing everyone's journey and how you deal with things. :)
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26-30, F
Sep 23, 2012