100+ To Lose? Pcos? Teen? Need A Diet Buddy That Can Relate :)

I need a diet buddy, especially one that can actually relate. I know I have a lot to lose and I am committed to losing it but I still feel I need someone to take this journey with. I am only 19 and am currently 275 lbs. I have PCOS and insulin resistance as well as bad depression and anxiety.  I am on the computer a lot so would be a great diet buddy :) I am sorta really alone in life and could just use someone to work at this with. I have hit my rock bottom...again...and need to make some changes. 

Anyone wanna be my buddy?
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I am 17 about to be 18 in May,

I have dealt with depression and anxiety in the past.

I am 175 pounds and want to be 139 pounds.

I start my goal to lose weight tomorrow.

My inspiration to lose weight is being healthy and physically fit/skinny.

Hi, I also have PCOS and am a diabetic. I started having issues when i was around 19, I was fairly thin and then all of sudden starting gaining weight very quickly. I haven't been able to shed those pounds but have made a goal for myself this year to do it. I have switched to a vegetarian diet again and would love to find someone who can relate to the struggles of having a condition that can hinder weight loss.I feel I can relate to what you are going through and would love to be able to share ideas so we can both get on a healthier track. Best of luck to you!

Wow we are so much alike, well im 20 soon to be 21 and im 6'2 weigh 280lb and am really looking towards doing something about my weight, i mean it isn't easy sometimes sticking to a diet plan by yourself i think with the help of a diet buddy i can stay motivated.... Also this whole diet thing is kind of new to me as you can tell, i don't know much about portion control and counting calories.

in your desc<x>ription it was like you were talking about me. I gained all of my weight due to medications. i took mood stabalizers and over the course of 18 months i went from athletic to gaining over 120 pounds.<br />
<br />
That was 15 years ago and i lose a few here and there and then gain it back. I live on my computer. I rarely leave the house. You are still very young and if you are lonely i am sure there is someone out there for you, Your weight is not the deciding factor in how attractive you are, but your self esteem is. I say that, but i have low self esteem, it almost frightens me when a woman comes on to me. i have not been in a major relationship in 20 years and the loneliness is killing me. I have been on this site all day reaching out to people, man i gotta make a change and fast.

I'm 19 as well and I don't know if I have Pcos but I do have depression issues and lack of motivation to do anything. I have very low self esteem so I use to not care about how the hell I look but now I realize that if I continue to live unhealthy I'll have alot of problems when I'm older so I decided I should loose weight but I tried alone and in the end I just found myself drifting off from my schedules and I couldn't focus on my goal. I really believe I need a diet buddy, someone who I can relate to and we could go out and go exercise together. If anyone is interested, I don't mind the genders. I live in LA, Montebello. If anyone is interested that lives near there please answer :')

I really need a buddy to. I'm 20 years old and just got diagnosed with pcos in November. I have noticed more depression when I had unexplained wieght gain. I need to lose 70 pounds. Please let me know how we can stay in contact I really want a email buddy.

Hi guys... I was 270 pounds but found something that really worked. The stories I am reading here really make my heart go out to you. I understand.. I was there. NO pills, no gimmicks, no dieting.. just good old fashioned lifestyle change with nutrition and committing to an exercise program for 90 days. It works.. it did for me.. and hundreds of others. My coach lost 180 pounds in 9 months. Decide.. Commit...Succeed... you can do it. I can help you. I have a challenge group starting up on January 22. We are a group of people committed to holding each other accountable and getting results.

I am 17 years old, been living with PCOS for probably 5 years now, and i currently weigh the same as you. I'd like to lose it, but with everyone around me seeming so perfect, it's hard to get past the depression part to actually lose it. I've been diagnosed with Manic Depressive Bipolar Disorder as well as PCOS..

hello, I am 47 and currently weigh 300 been fighting obesity most of my life. I have sleep apnea, and problems with my feet knees back etc. Most of the time I am loosing the battle. Would like to lose weight but keep falling, never had any help. Would like to be your buddy, hopefully we can help each other.

Hi,<br />
I am Definetly in the same boat! I also weigh 277lb and I am only<br />
19, I also suffer with PCOS, severe depression and I hardly leave the house! Definetly a buddy :) x.

I am 19 and am at 299. i know how you feel. i don't have medical problems, but i know if i stay on the path that i am on now i know i will. If u need a friend feel free to message me!

I fit most of the criteria there! Only difference is that I am 24, and no PCOS. But I work in a gynecologists office, and know all about your pain. If you still need a friend, send me a message. I say the more people you have rooting for you, the further you'll go! :)