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I feel I would do so much better with a diet buddy or a workout body. It drives and pushes me, and without someone with me I feel like I just give up and won’t do it, and continue with it. I use to be 107 and now I am 165, because I am on an anti- depressant, which I am hoping to get off soon to see how I do when I am off them. But I need to lose 55 pounds. I really need help. I use to live in New York Long Island, but now I live in North Carolina, because of course I moved and all, but I mean I feel the people here are so different. You would think people here would say “Hey want to hang sometime” but I mean there like very isolated. I would, but I feel weird to, and I am sure they would feel weird asking me, but I mean I am so use to people in New York Long Island to do that to me, and that is why I knew a lot of people and hung out with some people. But here they just are so different, and I am afraid that they might be married and think I am weird for asking, but I mean a workout buddy would be nice. Maybe I can find a workout buddy here on EP that lives in North Carolina where I am or another site or something. I really need a workout body. I need to lose weight, and my health is in jeopardy. I am truly scared. I need someone to talk to of weight and other issues. If you want to talk or give advice please send me a personal private message or im me on EP or leave a comment on my story. Thanks so much for listening, and if you have anything you want to talk about. I be honored to listen and maybe hopefully I can give you some good advice as well.
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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

hold on in their help is on the way...the has not forgotten you

well i lost some weight by cutting down on carbohydrates and sweets and i am trying to eat lean meat and more fish and turkey and more vegetables. sometimes when i get hungry instead of eating jun food i will have some peanut butter on a whole wheat cracker. wish you all the best in your diet, if i can help or you have questions just let me know, OK?

all is good friend

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I live on Long Island NY, and I also need to lose some weight you are in North Carolina I am afraid it is a little too far to commute otherwise i might take you up on your offer. I am willing to support your efforts from here and hope you are successful in achieving your goals.