Need A Diet Buddy In Real Life As Well As Internet Wise.

I have depression issues and lack of motivation to do anything. I have very low self esteem so I use to not care about how the hell I look but now I realize that if I continue to live unhealthy I'll have alot of problems when I'm older so I decided I should loose weight but I tried alone and in the end I just found myself drifting off from my schedules and I couldn't focus on my goal. I really believe I need a diet buddy, someone who I can relate to and we could go out and go exercise together. If anyone is interested, I don't mind the genders. I live in LA, Montebello. If anyone is interested that lives near there please answer :')

Also looking for friends who I can befriend. So we could motivate each other. To tell you the truth in reality I have not a single fat friend and it makes me feel extremely outcast when I hang with my friends because they are all skinny and nice. And I would love to be like them but like I said before..I lack motivation and try to convince myself that with time it will go away my weight and I'll just drop pounds magically hahaha. It would be nice to meet other people in reality and get a real group of friends I can relate to and where we can help each other out. I truly am not sure I will find anyone near me in reality wise but even so. I am open to any friends even if it is in the internet. So please message me or add me or comment here! Thanks :3
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let's be a diet buddy!

Yay!! Lets :'DDD! <3