Looking For A Buddy That Can Help Me Stick To My Diet

Im Seventeen im in high School and i am looking for a buddy(16-19 or 20) that lives around the Los Angeles CA area.

In the beginning of this school year my weight was 150 and now i am 160 and im 5 feet 2.
I struggle with binge eating. I always start off my mornings great but coming home form school i alway give up and eat everything. I am looking for a buddy i can relate to or who can just help me as i can also help them too.
Jennifer7b Jennifer7b 16-17 2 Responses May 10, 2012

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Hi Jennifer,

I used to binge eat too, from a young age like 9 or 10. Now I'm 31, and it took almost all those years to stop binge eating, but the good news is I just don't have the urge anymore. Anyway, I know a little about what you're going through.

To reiterate slightly, sodium is bad in packaged foods, but sea salt is good for you as it contains several essential minerals to keeping our bodies working properly.

I found that the main target of my binge eating was grain based foods like bread, cereal, pasta, cookies, etc. They would leave me barely satisfied all day until I binged on them in the afternoon and then crashed, so tired. I would try to stay away from these foods and eat several small balanced meals (carbs, protein, and fat) throughout the day. Never eat protein by itself, it will crash your energy and likely cause you to binge eat as well. Coconut oil in the morning will give you steadier energy throughout the day, a better metabolism, and less likelihood of binge eating later. I have lost about 25 pounds by eating small steady meals, and lots of coconut oil.

Good luck!

yes it great eating .

here are a few **** that you should know.

1. Avoid all items that are full of SODIUM (5% or less on the label)which when it reaches your stomach build up acids that increase the craving to eat more and build bad acids in your large intestine.

2. the best items to eat are the made to order meals....where you pick the items that are prepared for you right away.

3. when the chef prepares it, tell him/her....NO SALT...add when you start eating.

4. eat more fish/chicken/veggie and FRUITS....

5. drink warm tea after each round

6. MOST IMPORTANT TELL yourself...the size of your heart is equal to the size of your will a small engine in a big car move...yes for a short while but soon it will I hope you get my approach