Diet Buddy Looking To Lose 40lbs

Hey y'all! I'm looking for someone with close to the same body goals as myself. I am 20, 5'7" and weigh roughly 153lbs. I want to make sure I have the Summer body I have always wanted. I want get down to what I used to be (110-115lbs) so about 40lbs to lose. My first goal weight is -8lbs by December 31st. Anyone can join me---if you have roughly the same goals even better! Xoxo *Dezi*
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Hey, I'm Liz. I'm 21 and I'm looking to lose around 30lbs. Also, I'm 5'7". I want to get in the best shape I've ever been. Lately, I haven't been working out or eating right and the pounds have piled on. Right now I'm 150lbs. It'd be nice to get back in the 120s again. I want somebody who I can share with and is going through the same thing. I really want to be in a bikini this summer and there is NO WAY I'd get in one right now. I know it's a little late to start, but it's better than never haha! If you're interested please message me or something and we can exchange contact info. Whatever works for you :)

hiya, I need a diet buddy too please, if you're still interested, I am 27, 5'4' and I weigh 132lb and I want to weigh 112 or under, but I could really use a friend to help me, coz I have a nasty tendency to fall off the wagon and I really need a little support, and its so had when people keep saying 'you look fine, you don't need to lose any weight' arghh! its my body!, i'm not trying to be anorexic!, I just want to be on the slim side and feel confident wearing a bloody bikini!!!! I hope you've had luck loosing weight, Easter is not a good time for us dieters! grrr, moan, stupid family dinners!

Cleo xx

Hey I'd like to help u

Oh fantastic message me! Xoxo *Dezi*

<p>Hey!Well i want to loose half a stone by xmas day so if you want to be a buddy with me let me know ;) Am in ww as well.Take each goal slowly and not look at this big amount of weight you have to lose.I am just putting up my story now and my username is galwayhooker :)</p>

Yes I would love that! :) feel free to message me! Xoxo *Dezi*