Someone Please Help Me With This Area

I truely would love a diet buddy too.  I was used to being a size 8 for a very long time and now I'm a size 12.  I don't do much excersize (problem number 1) and I've been getting stuck into the sweet and fatty things.  I too eat when I am bored.  Please help me with this someone.  I would really appreciate it.
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I know exactly what u mean I stepped on the scale may 22,2012 and I weighed 400 lbs so I joined the body by vi 90 day challenge it's my 16th day of my challenge and I'm down 18 lbs. U want support and motivation check it out<br />

i hope you are doing well im sure you are! im happy to help you,message me i personally want to lose a stone and tone up! i want a regular healthy diet aswel i no if we stick together we can do this

I came on this site to see if ther were people on here who were in the same situation that I was in 3 months ago because I needed a little boost to go on my walk today. I ended up finding a ton of people looking for a way to feel better and now I am finding myself telling everyone about the 90 day cahllenge. I loved my mentor and the challenge so much that I am starting another one on January first and I want to get as many people on my team with my mentor as possible. I wish everyone posting here the best 2012, hopefully I will see you on the challenge. <br />

Does anybody know how we are supposed to get together as 'diet buddies'?

Yes!!! I did the challenge with my mom and she is in Canada! I tell everyone about the challenge now because I LOVED it! I know it sounds silly an d I sound like Richard SImmons but when you find something that works its hard not to get excited. check out the challenge with a great mentor and you can do it with anyone accross the US or Canada. Have fun!! :)

Anybody want to be diet buddies? I would love to be your diet buddy. I have to get serious about taking some weight off.

Do the 90 day challenge with a huge support group, awesome mentor and anyone can sign up and do it at the same time as you. :)

I hope you are doing well. Alcohol is a great reliever of boredom and stress-but it causes a lot too. I weigh too much because I overeat, not overdrink. I get home from teaching at about 3:45, and could chew the kitchen cabinets down if I don't get something to eat. It has to be satisfying or I just keep eating. I have to find a way to get past the 3:00-5:00 munchies.

I need to take off some unwanted poundage too,lol!A few years ago I had a size 30 waist and weighed 180 pounds.For a while it ballooned to a size 34 waist and I ended up at 210 pounds.My waist is back down now to 32 and Im at 190 pounds.This was due to backing off on the alcohol(my greatest vice), going for very long walks,a little excersize and eating alot less.I too have a tendency to either drink to much or eat when Im bored and that happens alot.If anyone wants some support Ill be around to help,just ask!

i am always looking for a diet buddy. when my husband left for Iraq i lost like 20 lbs but since he has been back...yeah lets just say I need to get off my butt and do something about it. If u ever want to talk hit me up. ill be there with ya every step of the way.. I could use the help to.

I am totally the same as you.... love the sweets and fried foods... although, I do love salads and stuff too. I want to lose 30 lbs or so...