The Power of Two

I know I need to watch what I eat if I'm going to lose these extra pounds, but it just seems so difficult.  I start out with all good intent, but then I start to slack off a bit, and pretty soon I'm right back to where I was to begin with.

That's how it's been going again.  For a while, I was counting calories and doing good.  Then, company showed up and I took a short break from my routine while they were here visiting.  It must have been one of those times I stopped to think and never started again.

Now, with a diet buddy, there would have been another person to get me started again.  Nothing major, just a slight push, a reminder, a bit of persuasion or what-ever.  Everything is just easier and better with someone else along.

I'm happy to say, I found just such a diet partner.  But it's better than that, she's also my exercise partner, too.  She's witty, pretty, sexy, and very compassionate.  She will do more than help, she'll make this all a pleasant and fun experience.

I'm sure that together, we will reach our goals and soon be able to announce that we have reached what we are striving for...

darknight darknight
46-50, M
2 Responses Sep 12, 2009

Thank you, ShadowofDoubt. We are enjoying the weekend and set to hit it hard on Monday morning...

it helps when venturing onto any diets to have those like-minded close by. good luck on reaching ur goal. :)