In A Desperate Need Of Diet Buddy...

Hello! I am 18 years old, and I have 70 kg. I am 178 cm tall. My goal is to have 58 kg. It means I have to take 12 kg. All I need is support and understanding. I think I have already chosen a diet, so now I need someone I can talk to when I am having a hard time or when I want to eat something.. Thank you in advance.. :-))

missythinner missythinner
18-21, F
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we all need to eat healthy and exercise and , walk each day to keep the weight off. drinl plenty of water and leave the sweets alone.

hey! if youre still up for it, send amessage to me onep for my emailcause i really need somebody aswell!

I am still up for it as I ride my indoor bike every morning and do a exercise and walk 2 miles at nigh.

Hi!! Just send me your msn adress so we can comunicate better!! Thanks!! :-))

Hey missythinner, this is princesita21. I am so glad i found your post. I am new here at Experience Project. To be sincere this is the reason why i wanted to join. I wanted, well i want to meet people who are going through the same things i am going through. And right now I am looking for someone who wants to be my "diet buddy" too. I am over 50 pounds over weight. I used to be 115 and it was great but stress and depresion kept me eating. You know "emotional eating" very famous among obese people. Bu t anyways today i have decided to stop all that and go for my goal which is to loose weight. i know i can do it but i know that having someone pushing you in the good way can help me even more. I like to feel challenged. So feel free to write back we can both achieve our goals in a short time if we support each other. And who know maybe with time we can become good friends. We can use messanger to communicate better. Well, write back. Have a great one.

Sure .. I would love to have diet buddy too!<br />
Write me anytime ;)