Just Imagine...

If I could get away with anything what would I do?  I have thought about this a lot.


The first thing I would do is make some administrative changes at work.


 I would never stop at red lights and I would always have the right of way.  So what my light is red I don’t have to obey the law!!!!   Oh and I would drive butt naked with my top down. 

I might sneak into people's houses and rummage through their drawers, particularly their underwear drawers and expose everyone that doesn’t have at least some sexy underwear in their drawer.

Start a moonshine operation in the mountains just for my friend Chris because he seems to like “spinning’ so I want to help him with this goal all I can. You can never be too fit.

Also swipe my ex-boyfriend’s credit cards and go shopping. I would buy all kinds of embarrassing things in the hope that his girlfriend would see the bill.  I think I would buy some wart cream and possibly some girlie panties in large sizes so it would appear he was wearing them.  He was such a manly man and this would be a blow to his ego.

Eat whatever I want and not gain weight and look in the mirror as I eat and laugh.


Oh yeah, and as one final act of defiance I would rip that tag right off my mattress, you know the one, “do not remove under penalty of law.”


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19 Responses Jan 12, 2009

That would fun to do all those things.


i went outside naked half a dozen times starting oct 05.judge up the street called my brother and said,"your brother is down the street naked on top of a car screaming at the neighbors.the cops have the street blocked off and won't let anyone go down and their affraid to go down." that is how my book AWARE starts.barry dibona.you got to read it.when naked what could a person hide,nothing almost except whats inside their hearts and mind.


LOL V<br />
<br />
Oh Z

LOL I want to so bad. You are more of a rebel than I can be. I am scared of going to prison. lol you should be too. I hear us pretty girls don't do too well in prison.


LOL you are funny Rog. Maybe I will just roll the window up so I can lick it too.


One for all.....and all for them both...hehehehe

and let em swing girl...... let em swing.... it is all about freedom.

I want to drive with my top down......But I think that it would not have the same effect.....I am almost old.....And my boobies sag a bit....hehehehe

LOL Botable!!! you rebel you!!<br />
<br />
Chris, yes you are and so mmmm while doing so.

You know me....I'm easily taken advantage of...lol<br />
<br />
Botable...I have some tools that can fix that problem for you...:-)

Confession time.. I have ripped the do not remove tag. <br />
It was ever so much fun<br />
I would love to drive butt naked with the top down but I don't have a convertible

Are you sure?

You don't need to start up a still for that...

lol but that would ruin my plan to take advantage of you.

LOL...I don't want any more moonshine. I got my *** kicked last time.