Where Would My Do-over Button Restart At?

My do-over button would restart at the time I met my first boyfriend. I met this guy at a party in Wooster, Ohio. I wanted to go to college at the College of Wooster so I went to a prospect student weekend visit. I hung out with the college students from the school and we all went to a party. I GOT WASTED!!

At any rate, that is where I met him. My first boyfriend, Larry _______ (name is not shown to respect privacy). He looked at me from across the table and smiled. Ithought he was the hottest thing since Tom Cruise. I smiled back and then we met up in a room and HE KISSED ME...WITH TONGUE. I thought I was in heaven. (Mind you all this happened over 20 years ago) SO, anyways, come to find out he was there because his rugby team was playing College of Wooster and he didn't even go to that school. He actually went to the school that was in my hometown. How weird is that! So looking back at it now, that is where I would have redone my whole life. I would have just went and visited the school, stayed at the dorm and went to bed.

tanyasd tanyasd
36-40, F
Jul 14, 2010