Bump Around My Anus

A couple of days ago I was constipated. I took some Phillips Milk of Magneisum and it made me feel alot better. Now I notice that I have a small bump come up on the edge of my anus and it is sore to touch, wipe, or tighten my butt muscles. At first, I wasnt worried about it. I thought that it was just sore from whipping too much, but now that the bump has came up and it is still sore it scares me. It is even sore when I am sitting down. I am not sure what it is or if I need to go to the doctor. I dont want to go to the doctor if it isnt something that I should really be worried about and it will heal in time. Its sort of embarrasing. I am not sure if it was from me straining when I was constipated or if the laxative had some kind of affect on me. Ive had the bump a couple of days now and I dont want to ignore it if it is something harmful. Any advice on this will be very helpful.
DMM1234 DMM1234
Dec 14, 2012