Sometimes I Hate Myself.

I feel so fat and ugly even though I have a wonderful husband who tells my otherwise. I just can't believe it. How could I be pretty or sexy. Not me! I try so hard to be social, but I dwell on all that I have said to someone. I wonder over and over if I said something stupid or something like that. I don't feel like myself in my own body. I constantly think about what I look like. I get depressed sometimes over it. Whenever that happens, I stop taking care of myself. I think: What's the use, no one will ever like me anyway. BUT, my husband does find my attractive. Why can't I accept myself? What's wrong with me? I hate myself for all this.
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3 Responses Aug 21, 2010

Hello. Please do not say you hate yourself. I'm sure you are beautiful. All body types can be sexy. Try not to think too hard about things you have said in social situations. I used to be that way too, always second-guessing myself. But not anymore. I am just open and friendly, and everyone seems to like me. As far as you wondering why your husband finds you attractive? The answer is because you ARE attractive. Have a great day.

yeah, i get real suicidal sometimes. i feel as though everyone is better off without me too. i talk to my husband about it and he's like please, i need you. you're everything to me. i look at those eyes and i can't imagine hurting him that way. and then i think about the kids and how i'd hurt them that way too. and then i'm not suicidal anymore. lol. i get stuck in my own head. my neg. thoughts over take me. i forget about everyone around me. all i can think about is the pain i feel. it hurts. everything hurts. being fat hurts. feeling ugly hurts. but i am learning that if i would never say or think so bad of another human being, then why is it fair for me to treat myself that way? it's not and i am learning that i deserve better and so do you.

i'm in the same posistion i feel fat, ugly stupid ect ect and i have a amazing fiance who is forever telling me how much he loves me and finds me attractive and i think ... really? you need glasses lmao but on a serious note i honestly get where your coming from and i used to starve myself and i was even suicidle, and i get like that sometimes now! i think oh maybe if i starve myself i will lose weight and he'll fancy me more and at times i think my fella and family would be better off without me! i honestly don't know what to do myself x