From The Yahoo Group Extremehair, A Story By Susan Tylers


Heather loved her short hair

She had recently begun going to an amateur hairdresser. Her name was Norma, “Norma” who was the hairdresser was without doubt a old wicked lesbian and Heather knew she fancied her!!

Heather didn’t mind one bit that Norma, used to touch her legs etc, Heather just loved the attention to detail on her appointments. Plenty of gowns and capes, and no skimping on the rods and rollers for her sets.
Norma would always decide what style Heather had done to her.

Norma always preferred a more mature look. Classic frocks and two piece outfits and she took great pride in her own hair; getting regular permanent waves and sets. Secretly Heather fantasized about getting a makeover giving her a look just like Norma’s but she was in her 70’s

Heather was in the chair draped in a red gown and flowing PVC cape.
Norma said I am doing a Dot Cotton style on you today Heather

“Norma” heather asked whilst being rollered tight “do you think I would suit hair like yours?” real old fashioned like

“It’s a bit of a drastic change dear” she replied “and it certainly wouldn’t go with those sexy outfits you wear!” Heather usually arrived in very short dresses, which only just covered her modesty!

“To get the mature look you would have to go for a full makeover” she added. The works Heather no messing about.

Once Heathers hair was tightly wound in rollers she wrapped Heathers Dot Cotton set in a tight net, inserted some ear pads securely, and then lowered the hood of the dryer down. Heather settled down for a short hot thirty minutes or more

All the time Heather was “cooking” she thought more and more of the prospect of a makeover to transform her completely. She became quite excited at the thought of it. She was hot – and not just because of the dryer and cape!

After almost an hour Norma removed the hood and was checking to see if Heathers hair was dry. “Another 10 minutes I think” she said. As Norma was re-securing the net Heather asked, “Just what would it entail to get my hair looking as old fashioned as yours?”

“Well…after a pretty drastic cut you would need a traditional tight perm and then a set on small rollers. I would also have to do lots of back-combing and teasing!” laughed Norma – not realizing just how seriously Heather was contemplating the change.

Norma knew that Heather came in every so often for a old fashioned set when she was having sex with her husband, then it could be washed out

Soon she was dry. Norma removed the net and ear pads, left Heather to cool. After 10 minutes or so she began to remove the rollers and Heathers hair was left tight and curly. Norma then started to brush the curls out and back comb the new Dot Cotton style into place on Heathers head.

“You like?” she asked. Heather moved her head from side to side and shook her new set them proclaimed, it does not move at all “I adore it”
Norma took out a cigarette, lit it and stuck it in Heathers mouth, that sets the style off, you look like old Dot Cotton from the T.V show Eastenders

After a real good blast of hairspray the cape and gown was removed, but Heather didn’t get up. “Something wrong love?” asked Norma, can I ask that you just rub my breasts I look so good, Norma grabbed her nipples hard, Heather knew she had *** in her knickers

“Can I make an appointment for next week?” she asked.

“Sure, I can fit you in Tuesday…no problem. What would you like done?”

“I want that mature makeover!” she blurted out.

Norma chuckled “Stop kidding around. What do you really want?” expecting Heather to ask for another wash in wash out roller set

Firmly Heather repeated, “I would like an appointment for a perm roller set!” and cut!! And the blue rinse you have darling

“You really sure?” asked Norma. Heather just smiled and nodded.

“OK then…if you really mean it” replied Norma but on one condition.

“What is that?”

Norma grabbed some paper and a pen and after a minutes scribbling she handed it to Heather. A big smile spread across her face “You’re on! See you next week!”

Heather had a fun filled afternoon shopping – following the instructions Norma had given her. Once home she spread the items on the bed and grinned. Tuesday was going to be fun!

The big day arrived. Heather was up early.

After showering she spread her shopping on the bed.

First she slipped on her new Marks &Sparks big knickers. She giggled as she looked in the mirror – so much different to her usual thongs and briefs, they came up to her waist

Then, with some difficulty, she squeezed into the open bottom girdle – revelling in the tightness. She then slipped into the long line brassiere, remembering the fun she had with the fitter. It had been some time since another woman had touched her boobs!

She then pulled on her American tan stockings – securing them to the six suspenders on the sides she was looking at herself in the mirror all the time. Then the item she had found hard to come by, the thick rubber Bloomers that secured on her thighs, Norma had said they would hold all her urine and juices during the makeover.

A frilled petticoat was the next item. Then she slipped on a simple print shirtwaister dress, smoothing it down and twirling to get a better look at herself. She felt wonderfully feminine!

Her outfit was finished off with some flat shoes and a string of imitation pearls. Then she applied her make up, a solid heavy foundation blue eye shadow and black false lashes, finally a pink lipstick and a complete powder of her face, it was heavy make up for Heather and she just stared in the mirror at herself

She was also instructed to use an Alice band to hold her hair back

She loved her new look but felt very self-conscious as she left the house and headed for her hair appointment.

Norma’s face beamed as she opened the door “Looks like you mean to go through with it then!” she said. Heather took a deep breath and said “Let’s do it”. Norma closed the salon !!

She followed Norma to the salon room. She almost felt like turning on her heels and running away, but she sat in the chair – smoothing down the dress as she did so, and conscious of the firm girdle, it was so tight

She slipped her arms into the large purple gown Norma held in front of her, and then the same again with a see through baby blue PVC cape with ties at the back, Norma tied her tight

Heather was breathing quite heavily as Norma spent a few minutes removing the Alice band and combing her locks to remove any tangles.

She seemed oblivious to the fact that Norma was laughing


She glanced in the mirror and saw Norma holding her hair and a pair of scissors. Norma explained that she was cutting her fringe right up into her forehead just long enough to take a perm rod

Surprised at her own lack of hesitation Heather replied, “Cut it off”.

It was Norma’s turn to take a deep breath – then she combed Heathers fringe down into place in was over her eyes, Norma placed the scissors high and in a few seconds it was gone! Norma said, “Consider yourself Fringed” heather looked shocked as Norma’s hand went up to her rubber knickers, she told heather I want you to pee now, heather was bursting and let loose a good flow, she felt the hot fluid gathering in her rubber bloomers no leaks at all.

A towel was secured around Heathers shoulders and Norma then gently pushed her forwards over the sink (no modern backwash here). The gown and cape rustled sensuously as she leaned over and reveled in the sensation of her full smelly bloomers.

Her hair was towel dried and then Norma really started to going to work with the scissors, it was cut really short into a shape suitable for the final look she desired for Heather, the nape was scissor over comb and tapered close in Heather felt Norma’s hands on her neck, as her hair fell around her everywhere.

Norma then pulled over a trolley filled with hundreds of rods of all sizes from the biggest to some wicked looking tiny ones, Heather had never seen before on her visits to the salon.

Just how brave you are feeling Heather?” Norma asked holding up the smallest rod – with a wicked glint in her eye.

Norma had already decided on blue perm rods, the smallest, and meanest used on more than an inch of hair but guaranteed to give a lovely tight curl, with nothing else that can be done with it, Norma then picked up the scissors again and layered Heathers head to one inch all over.

Heather felt excited as a towel was slipped around her shoulders over the soft baby blue gown. Heather then draped a large pink cape over her, easing the towel up around the neck for protection. Several more capes followed – in various colours and sizes. As each one was added Heather was asked to urinate more into her bloomers she felt more and more aroused and really heavy below now

Norma really carefully sectioned off what hair Heather had left and began to carefully wind the tiny rods. Heather reveled in the feeling of the firm tension of her hair being wound so tight, and delighted in being asked to pass the end papers. Norma worked methodically, using a water spray to dampen the hair. Heather looked into the mirror and watched in awe as rod after rod covered her head, Christ they hurt so much

After almost an hour the winding was complete – there must have been at least 20 rods in exceptionally neat rows, with no gaps or stray hairs.
Norma had done it so firm and tight, heather was asked to urinate again
She was so surprised there was no leaked at all, the rubbers bloomers worked so well.

Heather tried to moved her head from side to side examining what had been done to her and seeing this Norma held up a mirror behind her head so she could see the back, well it was really short no rollers about 3/8
And it felt like sandpaper, Norma just laughed at her

“Oh Norma it looks wonderful” she coo-ed. Norma she just
Smiled as a hand slipped from underneath the capes and carefully touched the rods and rubbed her freshly clipped nape, finally kissing heather full on the lips, her tongue darting in and out, Heather came and added more juice to her filling rubber bloomers, oh my said Norma

Norma then applied some barrier cream to Heather’s hairline and then carefully wrapped some cotton wool under the rods. A towel was clipped in place around her shoulders and then a plastic drip tray slipped into place around her neck. Heather felt almost trapped!

Norma then picked up a large bottle containing pink fluid. “I am going for the authentic old fashioned perm for you” she said with a wicked grin “none of those modern softie ones like before. This is the real McCoy.

She removed the top and immediately Heather got a whiff of the permanent waving solution as Dawn poured it into an applicator bottle. She did a final check of the capes and towels to ensure that Louise was well protected.

“Last chance to change your mind, “she advised “Still want this perm?”

Heather said look at me do it and nodded vigorously.

“Just tip your head back dearie” she said. Heather dutifully leaned her head back – the plastic tray digging into her neck a little.

She gagged as Norma began applying the perm solution. The smell was so strong, just like the home perms her mother used to get many years ago! As Norma carefully squirted each rod with the foul smelling liquid

Heather felt the coldness of it on her scalp and a few drips still managed to escape – despite the cotton wool and the neck tray. Norma handed her a face cloth to catch the drips on her face, and as she leaned forwards so Norma could well soak all the rods, she felt a trickle go down her neck and shuddered, it started to get hot on her freshly clippered nape

She refilled the bottle and went round all the rods again to ensure none were missed. Once they were all shining with the solution she covered the rods with a plastic bag, secured in place with a clip, and a cap.

Norma then wheeled the dryer over and lowered the hood. The visor came passed Heather eyes. She blinked as the dryer came on with a whoosh! And it was so loud and hot.

“Tell me if it starts stinging” shouted Norma, I am out the back to ***** off and play with myself some

As the heat built up, so did the smell of the perm solution – her eyes began to water – it was so strong. Heather could not take her eyes off the mirror, wondering how she was going to look. She was hot! The capes were heavy too! So where her pants, Norma seemed to be away ages and my scalp was burning badly now!!

After 30 minutes the hood was lifted. Norma removed the caps and checked a few rods by partially unrolling them to see if the curl was forming. “Not done yet. Another 10-15 minutes I think”. She soon had the hood back in place. Heather contemplated the outcome for several more minutes thinking my hair would be fried soon until Norma finally removed the dryer again.

Both the caps we removed and Norma unwound a few rods from various points around the head. She seemed satisfied with the process. “You’re very well done” she proclaimed, “I think that may have overtaken though Heather was somewhat relieved to be out from under the dryer. her face was very red and her head was stinging

“Let’s get this stuff rinsed off” said Norma as she gently eased Heather back over the bowl (oh how Heather loved the rustling of these capes every time she moved!). It seemed an eternity of rinsing, but Norma was telling her that the more perm solution was rinsed out, the better the final result. “Most bad perms are as a result of poor rinsing” she told her “and the residual smell is also minimized”. Heather guessed she had been fried

After 8 or 9 minutes Heather was pleased to be sitting back in the chair
Although she was not facing any mirror now!!

Norma removed the wet towel and then used a fresh one to start blotting the rods. She applied firm pressure, and Heather found she was quite enjoying the mild discomfort. Norma then used several sheets of kitchen roll to remove more of the moisture. She was again advising Heather of the process and said that the neutraliser worked better with as much water removed from the hair. Still not satisfied the hair was dry enough she covered the rods with a net and popped Louise back under a warm dryer for a few minutes, Heather knew that Norma had ruined her hair, but so what it happened when Norma was playing with herself

Finally she was satisfied. More cotton wool was wrapped around Heathers head under the rods, and slipped the neck tray back in place.

“This is always the worst bit” she grinned as she prepared the neutralizer, using a sponge to work it into foam in the bowl. Norma shivered as she began to apply it – the neutralizer was FREEZING after the warm hood! Norma just laughed at her

After 10 minutes Norma began to remove the rods. Unwinding each one Heather gasped as the rods where removed, Heather could not see her new style as she was facing away from the mirror whilst Norma worked her head, Once all the rods were out Norma then worked the remainder of the neutralizing foam into the very tight curls

“Back over the sink please” she told Heather. As she rustled forwards
Staggering wither bloomers so filled with juices

Norma pushed her head well into the bowl. She then slipped on a pair of rubber gloves. Heather heard the noise and asked “What you doing now

“Just a final rinse and condition” she said. If only Heather could have seen the wicked grin on her face.

She then picked up another bottle marked quite clearly permanent blue rinse and gently massaged a very generous amount of the colored blue rinse into the really tight afro curls. She sat Heather up in the chair with a toweling turban and carefully removed any trace of the rinse from her face getting rid of any blue stains

The towel was removed and Norma gently combed the tight Afro blue rinsed curls with a wide tooth comb. “We just need to set you now” she said, “We are on the last leg of your makeover”.

Heather said Norma can I see myself, she was told no not yet

She picked up a small bottle and sprinkled extra firm setting lotion through the blue rinsed Afro curls. As an after thought she decided that two bottles would be in order. “Let’s do the job right!”

She moved the roller trolley over noisily and picked out the smallest rollers, about half an inch. For the next 20 minutes she concentrated on ensuring the rollers were perfectly wound – exceptionally, and VERY tight! Heather really flinched a few times, but got no apology from her hairdresser! Once they were all in, she squeezed then hard into her clients scalp. Heather found the pain exquisite!

Norma then handed heather some thick foam ear pads and told her to hold them in place as she secured the set with a heavy-duty pink net. She then clipped a fresh white towel around Louise’s shoulders and wheeled over the big dryer again. You may be under thee for an hour or so, do you need the bathroom again. And she filled her Bloomers they felt massive under cape and so warm the smell was ripe as well.

The hood lowered and the visor came down. The dryer was switched on and the heat soon built up. The smell of the warming was lovely and sweet, nothing like the acrid fumes of the perm. The dryer got very hot and Heather was glad of the ear pads and towel at her neck. She felt her face reddening She realized she was turned on. She felt soooo horny!
This old ***** had done her well

After 40 minutes Heather checked to see how things were progressing, and told Heather that another 10 minutes on a cool setting and she would be done, again Heather knew her hair was ruined and where did Norma keep disappearing to?

She was relieved when the dryer was taken away. Norma again left her for a few more minutes to cool and then removed the vinyl capes but left the gown on. She slipped a pretty pink comb out cape around her shoulders.

The rollers were carefully removed, and Heather felt the way the tight curls sprang back against her head.

Right heather you’re now going to face the mirror and the result, my friends from the Women’s Institute have been watching you, and we are all dykes in this salon as if you did not know

The next 15 minutes involved lots of good old-fashioned hairdressing. Firstly there was lots of combing, and then careful teasing on her fringe area backcombing, pushing the hair into the required shape. Heather could feel a tight helmet forming around her head.
Norma handed Heather a plastic face shield to hold over her face, and then gave her a several long blasts of extra extra firm hairspray. She removed the comb out cape and the gown and did a final bit of arranging.

“There, all done” she said as she twirled Heather around towards the mirror. It was done so quick and the shock was!!!

Her mouth dropped as she saw the new vision of herself. She looked shocking, her hair was blue short and tightly curled her fringe was gone and the mature woman in front of her, age about 70 without doubt

“OH! MY! GOD!” she exclaimed.

Norma looked worried. “Don’t you like it?” the other females where all over Heather now, touching feeling etc

Susan got hold of the clippers and said Norma you forgot, as Heather what, the clippers shaved her eyebrows off

Jennifer started to make her up, doing the make up real strong, as Norma
Removed her apron to show a huge black strap on *****, Susan helped heather out of the chair and started to undress her, she laughed no way that hair is moving is it love !!

Norma took the scissors looked at Heathers nearly full rubber bloomers
And said shall we snip her away girls, the water gushed all over the floor as her knickers where cut off her and tossed aside, Norma’s friends where giggling and getting well excited to say the least

Heather knew she had to pay now and was told to bend over the styling chair, Norma wasted no time and had the strap on up her arse before she could squeal, she rode her hard and fast, Heather looked in the mirror
Her head bouncing but the hair oh my god!! What has she done to me?

Susan and Jennifer played with Heathers nipples then Jennifer had Heather on all fours and straddled her freshly clippered neck with her hot *****, she rode and rode and the juice flowed all down her blouse
She even used the clippers up heathers neck again taking it to skin now

Well darling its time for your husband to collect what we have left for him a new old fashioned short permed blue rinsed granny, that we have played with as well, so time for the old fashioned plastic rain hood dear

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