Top To Toe, A Story By Eddyz

Lisa, my pledge surveyor guided me into the spacious room where the members of the sorority already had assembled. Some were standing side by side, others were sitting on the floor, chatting away. All looked up and went silent when we entered. I was wearing a plain white dress with a zip at the backside, wearing no underwear and barefooted following the regulations.

In the centre of the room a lonely straight chair with armlegs had been placed and behind it a small table covered wih a cloth. From under the cloth an extension cable found its way to a socket in the wall.

Lisa led me by the hand to the chair of which the bottom had been covered with a cloth. Before allowing me to sit down Lisa unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor. In my birthday suit I faced the girls around me.

"Sit down." Lisa ordered.

"Are you ready for your initiation?" she asked.

A rather superfluous question; what else would I be doing here?

"Yes, I want to join the sorority," I stated.

"I have explained to you which are the rights and duties of the membership of our sorority. Do you agree with them? And do you promise to enforce them?"

"Yes, I do."

"This being so we'll start the initiation ritual."

After having removed the cloth on the table she took a brush and started brushing my long, wavy, blonde tresses which I had shampood, conditioned and blow dried according to the regulations. She put down the brush and took a pair of scissors. I knew what would follow: I had to make a hairsacrifice as Lisa had told me and the two other candidates for the membership. But I hadn't been prepared when she grabbed a long lock and cut it close to my scalp,then handed the scissors to another girl who did the same. Oh my god, this was far more severe than I had expected! And it continued, one girl after another until all of them had had a turn, all accompanied by loud encouragements of the audience.

"Cut it, cut all off!" they yelled.

I estimated that only short wisps were left on my head and tears welled up from my eyes. I tried to raise a hand to my head but Lisa prevented that and the girls began to shout: "Strap her! Tie her to the chair!"

And they did, my wrists and elbows were fixed with tape to the armlegs, my ankles, knees and hips to the legs of the chair. Lisa switched on a pair of clippers and I noticed that no guard was mounted. She put them at my forehead, looking into my eyes as if she asked for my consent which could only have been a farce. She moved the clippers from my forehead back across my crown to my nape. After a number of passes which took only a few minutes I understood that all my hair had been shaved off. Tears trickled down my cheeks. But it was not over yet.

"Shave her! Shave her bald!" the girls were yelling.

Lisa put a dollop of shaving foam in the palm of her hand and spread it across my scalp, then shaved it and the stubble with a safety razor from my skull. This took more time and she repeated the procedure to be sure that my head was totally disposed of any trace of hair. Tears were flowing now but Lisa relentlessly proceeded and after about fifteen or twenty minutes the ordeal came to an end.


"Eyebrows! Eyebrows!" the girls screamed and in no time they were gone.

I was released and immediately brought to the bathroom. Of course there was no room for everyone present and most of them assembled around the doorway, again producing a lot of noise: "Shave her pubes! Make her hairless! Shave her top to toe!" And so on.

I had to sit down on the edge of the bathtub spreading my legs widely. This time smaller and battery powered clippers were used to remove my pubic hair, first the growth on my mount of Venus, then that on my labia and further down under my vulva and perineum. It was an odd sensation feeling the vibrating clippers denuding my private parts. It could be called erotic if the circumstances had been different but the gazes and humiliating comments of the girls made me ashamed. Still more when Lisa lathered and shaved the clipped region, with her fingers stretching and turning my outer lips outwards to shave off every stray hair.

To be sure Lisa also shaved my armpits. forearms and legs and I was completely hairless except for my eyelashes. Some girls wanted to pull them out but Lisa didn't allow them. She let me take a shower and toweldried me, then she rubbed a lotion into the skin of my body. arms, legs and making my bald pate shine. Meanwhile I didn't more cry.

Lisa told me to put on my dress and then she kissed my cheeks followed by the other sisters. They were now all smiles!

"You have now been initiated as a junior member of our sorority," Lisa told me, "During the next three months you have to remain as bald as you are now. Then we will decide if you will be accepted as a full member. Stay with us now while we are going to initiate the next candidate."

I din't like it at all to be a witness of the ritual, one of my two roommates in the sorority house being concerned. One was Beixing, of Chinese origin with straight black hair, even longer than mine had been. She too didn't exactly know what the hair sacrifice ritual involved. I tried to hide between some girls lest she would be shocked seeing my bald head. But standing naked in front of the chair she noted me. The expression on her face changed into one of disbelief and fear. I shrugged and shook my head to indicate that I hadn't expected this humiliation. I must say that she rather resigned underwent the cutting, clipping and shaving although some hot tears were shed. After she had been initiated she joined me, we hugged each other and couldn't help crying.

Now it was the turn for our other roommate Aretha, a black girl. Though we stood on the backside of the room she noticed us and her face winced but soon she recovered herself. She had no long hair, an asymmetical inverted bob. In fact the left side and her back was buzzed very short, gradually tapered to the longer right side which was angled, the longer frontal strands reaching the corner of her mouth and partially covering her eye, looking very cute. But relentlessly all was devastated by the scissors, clippers and razor. Her fate was equal to ours. Afterwards we went back to our room trying to console each other.

Of course we stuck together, being new in an unfamiliar environment and yet hardly taken seriously by the other sisters. Every day one of us had to be shaved by the other two. So each of us was shaved once in three days and we got gradually accustomed to it though it wasn't our most popular activity.

After a few weeks a party was organized on a Saturday evening for members (and juniors) only. The three of us were sitting in a corner, sipping from glasses filled with a sweet red liquor containing a high percentage of alcohol and called cherry brandy. Sommewhat under the influence we giggled while telling each other funny stories we remembered to have experienced when we were schoolgirls.

One of the sisters approached us. She had a pretty and open face; I had seen her a few times but didn't know her personally. She introduced herself as Prisca, a senior law student and she queried us about our studies. Beixing answered that she studied western philosophie while Aretha told that she was a student at the school of music. And I had just started studying medicine. Prisca was interested and asked what I intended to do later, establishing myself as a family doctor somewhere?

"I don't know yet." I doubted, "Maybe gynaegologist."

"Ah, that would be great, all gynaecologists should be women," Prisca stated.

"Why?" I asked surprised.

"Well, how about lying largely naked on a table with your legs in stirrups, your private parts fully exposed and a man standing between your legs, his fingers rooting in your vagina? No, thank you, I permit only a woman to examine me."

"Maybe you are right but aren't you discriminating men now?" I opposed.

"There are so many other possibilities for male doctors. Ortopedic surgery for instance, that is a typical male profession, not suitable for females."

"That reminds me that gynaecologists also have to do surgical interventions. I don't know if I would be able to cut the skin of someone."

"Don't worry," Prisca laughed, "During your education you get a lot cutting to do, dead animals like rabbits first and later human corpses. You'll get accustomed to do that."

Prisca changed the subject: "Why did you three agree to be so radically shaven?"

We responded that our pledge surveyor had told us that we had to submit ourselves to an initiation ritual which meant that we had to sacrifice some hair and that we were very upset to discover that we were robbed of all our hair.

"Some hair, yes, that is right. To symbolize saying farewell to your schoollife and entering a new existence a lock of your hair is cut off. This is a token of your willingness by making this sacrifice. That is laid down in the regulations to become a member of our sorority. But making you totally hairless is cruel and inhumane. I know that Lisa has been your surveyor and the majority of us is indignant about the way she has tresspassed the rules and humiliated and tortured you."

"Prisca, you say the majority but all those sisters who attended the ritual did not protest, on the contrary, they cheered and encouraged Lisa," I remarked.

"How many were present?"

"At least twenty."

"The sorority has seventy or eighty members so most of us, including myself, were not present. I think those girls were supporters of Lisa, in any case they were influenced by her. Lisa likes to push herself forward, you know. But I'm busy to gather a number of sisters who will support me to present a complaint against Lisa about violating the rules. When at least ten members make an appeal our executive committee will start an investigation and eventually will ask the members of he sorority in a gathering to vote about measures to be taken. But I need your co-operation. All three of you will be interrogated and the only thing to do is telling the truth. Will you do that?"

Of course we promised to do so, we were still angry about the humiliation done to us which had turned out to be illegal moreover.

The executive committee investigated the case, heard and cross-examined all those concerned and came to the conclusion that the general assembly of the sorority should be asked to give its opinion about measures to be taken against Lisa.

During the assembly Prisca accused Lisa of violating the rules about the initiaton of pledges and damaging the reputation of the sorority. The chairwoman recapulated the events and said that the testimonies of the witnesses proved that the accusation was irrefutable. Lisa tried to dispute the accusation but couldn't convince the majority. The chairwoman stated that administering a rebuke wouldn't be sufficient. She gave Lisa the choice to be expelled as a member of the sorority or submit to the same treatment she had forced on us, her victims, to suffer.

Lisa, a senior student, realized that expulsion could be harmful for her social career after graduation, so she chose to be humiliated, the least of two evils.

She had to ***** and in front of the assembled sorority was tied to a chair and shaved top to toe. Her locks didn't constitute a big sacrifice as her hair was cut in a short bob style to her earlobes, but returning from the bathroom she was disappointed to hear that she had to remain bald during three months.

"Do you have something to say?" the chairwoman asked, "I hope that in the future you will treat people with more respect."

Meekly Lisa knelt down: "I regret that I've been so rude and am very sorry that I've humiliated the pledges who were placed in my care. I canot expect that they will forgive me, I only can say that I'm ashamed."

The chairman announced that she proposed to admit the three of us immediately as ful members which was wellcomed with a big applause.

"Of course this means that you don't more have to shave each other," she finished.

We looked at each other, then burst out laughing. It would take years before Beixing and I would have our long locks back. If we wanted that!

The end.
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Nice story. Its funny some sororities do things like this.