Connection The Disconnected

The other day I met someone who I will call sally. We met and had a hot make out and fingering session. Our lips where locked over and over and our tongues where intertwined with each other again and again. Then I moved on to her breasts, they where delicious sensitive and a real turn on. Full c-cups more than a mouth full and worth spending the time there. I finished her with my tongue in her ***** licking here to climax. then sally jacked me off while I was staring at her beautiful ***** and breasts. We then had a conversation and agreed we had a connection and would meet again.

Today I received and e-mail and she said we were now disconnected. This was not my fault but some how I think I am at fault. How I long to touch again those beautiful breasts and of course lick that ****.......... I will continue to search the greater Seattle area for adult fun and a connection.
petrbilt384 petrbilt384
46-50, M
Jan 20, 2013