I Want To Talk!

hello everyone im 18 im new here and i really want to have someone to talk to i need someone who can understand me, keep my secrets joke with me and someone who loveees to talk i really feel like i need a friend everyone else seems to be too busy doing their stuff and i just want to have someone there so we can talk crap together haha i have a bf and hes awes but id really like to have a friend so if u want the same just let me know :) bye x
lemon18k lemon18k
18-21, F
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hello, lemon! i need a friend too, since i cannot find anyone around who still wants to actually share and listen. I always feel restricted in different relationships to talk freely. everybody has their elephant in the room, about which i can't talk about and which i must do my best to avoid... i cant stand it anymore. can't find anyone i can be true to...

I am also 18! I'm a girl and I feel pretty much the same... left in the dust, isolated from all my friends and family etc. i am just dying to have a friend too! shall we get to know each other? hmm... well. my name is Ryan (i know it's a boys name but try telling my parents! ha) i live to dance. ballet is my life. but it's also what kills me the most. i feel pressured almost all of the time. sometimes i can't believe where i have gotten in such short time but most of the time i feel like i'll never be good enough at anything. i like just to enjoy things and live life but i feel like i never get to do that.

I don't know how to use this site. I just joined. but I really need someone to talk to too. So I will be your friend. I am Michelle.

Yeah you probably shouldn't put the number in the open Stephanie. Also Lemon you can talk to me just send me a message whenever you want.

Yeah thats to risky

Hey Stephanie, just some friendly words of advice. It's not a good idea to put your number out in the open as you never know who's going to be texting you now. It's better to send her a personal message that only she can read. Just some friendly words of advice. Take care, and have a nice day. :)

Hey! My name is Stephanie! I'm 16. I'd love to talk you can text me at 479-903-3470. Or we can just talk on here :)

on order to have a friend you must be one. I am here and you are there. It is up to you to make that decision and then go on from that point.