Yesterday I had a car accident, a 5 year old child opened a passenger car door of a stationary vehicle and I hit the door of the car.  I was travelling onsingle lane road only room for my car.  Noone was hurt but I feel crap, I think technically it was their fault but I still blame myself and dont know why I couldnt stop in time.  I feel awful and cant seem to recover I have a headache and have been vomiting. PLease I need some support.  I cant move on.
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Thanks Frank that is helpful

Much worse things can happen. Instead of worrying about the accident, everyone should be counting their lucky stars it wasnt much worse. Some things you cant control, and this was not your fault. It sounds as if the mother should be feeling the way you do. Try to relax, exercise it a great way to fix problems in your head. Trust me I know, I proberly would not be here if it was not for exercise. Physical pain is nothing compared to mental pain. Maybe now is the time to spark that challenge you have been talking about.

thanks 4vrunique I really need your comment. I know that I am blaming myself but it really scared me and has made me very nervous of driving. Igetting a little better each day I think but I will never forget the incident and what could have been. thanks again I appreciate your kind words.

I agree with picturebooklover. Sometimes people need to learn lessons the hard way. That child's mother probably told him/her to wait before getting out of the car and the child didn't listen. I bet he/she will look before they do that again.<br />
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You can't be ready for all unexpected occurrences, its just not possible. I think you are beating yourself up because you didn't anticipate the unforeseen actions of another.

Sam just take a deep breath. That is a traumatic experience. You probably feel guility because it is a child you almost hit, even if it was not your fault. You may feel bad for awhile. <br />
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You could look at it as a good learning experience for the child. When my brother was little, my dad always told him not to play near the stove. He never listened until one day he fell and burned his hand. After that he never played there again. Sometimes kids (and adults) need the actual experience to learn an important lesson.<br />
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You know you will be more careful and observant on the road form now on. So don't be too hard on yourself. Treat yourself to some ice cream or go to your favorite place to chill out for awhile. I hope you feel better soon.