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i married my husband when i was 35 and he was 50. now i am 57 and he is 72. i have not had a sexual relationship since i was 37. i love my husband but sometimes i am with someone and just want to beg them to have sex with me. how sad is that! i have an instructor in a class i am taking who i am really attracted to. he is 10 years younger than me, married and has cheated before on his wife. i want to have a sexual realationship with him with no extra stuff. how crazy am i????
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what you feel is normal,marriage with out sex is heart breaking ,but i understand how you feel,i also agree that having a sexual affair wit some one is way out of frustration just be descrete,dont tell husband any thing all u end up with is a hurt spouse,i am in the same situation as you are,i have had an affair myself and it ended when she moved ,she hadent had sex in 16 years and it was like 2 teenagers again , just be sure who you do it with knowes you havent made love in very long time and be gentle,

Don't do it. You might fall in love with him. Your affair might be the one the wife finds out about. He may have children who may be hurt. So not worth it. Why on earth isn't your husband having sex with you???? Even if he is impotent there are other ways to please a woman,

Well from my point of view I have to agree with adoracle,however I don't think you should approach your husband about it. In this case ignorance will be bliss. I can see a man left feeling bitter at a time in his life when he should be able to look back and say he was happy (or at least had happy moments). I agree with Adoracle as well that it should be a one single lover who is not tied with a relationship with anyone else.. unless of course his situation is absolutely identical to yours and there is no chance either your partner or his partner would ever discover the relationship. Its a tight rope you walk and remember its a long way down if you slip up.<br />
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Continue to love and support your husband, let him know you will always care and treat him with respect and take an "underwater basket weaving class" at the community college just so you have an excuse to "disappear" once and a while when its needed.<br />
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During my first marriage I would have been so very thankful to NOT know what happened, and now in my current situation, I have to learn to NOT know, NOT investigate, and NOT snoop and love cherish and care for my partner until we meet again in the love we had

I am married to a man only 3 years older than I, we are in our early fifties, I have not had sex for almost 15 years. I no longer think I could bear even the thought of it, While i missed it at first, its just been too long now and I am not looking for that. But if I was, I would NEVER be the reason another woman was humiliated and neglected and mistreated by her husband. I understand your lonliness, but go out and meet others, get a divorce, make an arrangement with your husband and go with his blessing to find a SINGLE lover, who knows your situation. Its hard to be alone, but its harder to be alone when with someone...and you would be making that situation more of a reality for some other woman who's husband you covet. Don't do it honey, if you must do it, bite the bullet, get help for your husband or get his blessing to have a relationship with someone else or get a divorce. But don't do anythinhg that would hurt anyone else, this is YOUR problem, its not fair to make it someone else's too.<br />
hugs, hope for the best for you.