Looking For New Best Friend...someone Who Can Relate

I really need someone who can relate to what i've been through in my life. i have two people that are close to me and it is hard talking to them about some things b/c they havnt been through what i've been through and it's hard for them to understand me. i really want to talk now and the two close people are busy, so i have God and my journal, but i love to email a new friend and even talk to on the PHONE since i feel so alone. 
Hello, my name is denise, i am 34 years old, i have a 14 year old son. i live in northeast florida for the past three years and dont have any friends down her but my b/f who travels a lot.

i am a cancer the crab...moody, oversensitive, loving, kindhearted. i was physically and mentally abused as a child, and i got out of a five year mentally abusive relationship. my family is negative and a few of them did things to hurt me. everything i've been through i feel like my last experience was the hair that broke the camel's back. I see a therapist so i am getting help with dealing with my past hurts and future upsets life have to offer. to me. I'm not miserable 24/7, i can be silly and laugh at myself. 
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You seem to be a really sweet woman, would love to chat sometime

aren't we all - we just need the right person who speaks our language and understands us - could that be you?

Ill offer an ear..

lots of good people here to talk to ! :-)

i'll be your friend.

You are not alone in your feelings, others do feel the same way.
I don't want to upset you by asking a question, but I will take my chances, do you think that just talking to a older stranger, just to vent to. I may not have been through, what you have been, but I do have a great set of eyes, to read what you have written. Just a curious question.

good for you, sweets. Talk to me, ok?

A male person who respects women women is willing to be a friend

It's great that you are reaching out. Just log onto ep, you'll always find friends to talk to. Otherwise can email me at Find more support at

Hi u doing?

I am also a cancer and as most I have a pile of baggage that I carry with me I am glad you are seeing a therapist hope it helps

I know how you feel l have felt like that for a long time.
My husband died a while ago. My childhood friends are married and have lost contact one of them died. I have never been able to meet anyone to befriend. I have acquintances but not friends. One thing that keeps me going is the faith I have in God. I sincerely hope you will find that special friend. God bless is beautifull no matter what bad things you face.I am a lesbian,living in Mozambique,41 years old,have a 12 years old daugther,divorced since 2008.I am a lesbian woman and very proud.Not open yet as it is still not acceptable here.Would you like to be my friend?please call me Joy.Regards.

hay thr, Azura here (m, 24); my life has been a very similar experience, n I know its hard to share feelings, in my case, mostly because i dont feel that som1 would care 2 know. Just in case you wud like 2 share anything, ill be happy 2 listen :)

I may not be the type of friend you are looking for...male, too old, etc., but I at leasted wanted to say that it's not just a matter of one's friends not having shared the same experiences, it's also a matter of it sometimes being easier to share things with a compassionate stranger...we can reveal ourselves, breifly connect, and then, if we want or need to, evaporate. With our friends, we know that whatver we share will forever be in their mental databases, and that can be intimidating. Also, it can sometimes make it more difficult to leave the painful memories behind and to heal, move forward, and grow.

I was a cop and a lawyer, and was juvenile investigator for a couple of years. I worked with a lot of abuse, abused wives and girlfriends, and even some men abused by the women in their lives. Had my own issues, too. I'm not a shrink or a counselor, but there's not much you could tell me that I would find difficult to believe. So, If you ever need a (benevolent) fatherly ear, you know where to find me. My own daughters (both your age or older) find me easy to talk to (sometimes telling more than maybe I really want or need to know, but better that than not being close!).


Count me in.

My name is Steph- and I would be honored if you took my hand to your " new life"

Think u need a hug ((((((((((((( Denise))))))))

Be strong dear and talk once to me

hey u r special and need love and care
hey ,, I m chitra ...need a frnd to share , I m a lady and looking for true female or male frnd without any dirt on their mind if u really need a frnd talk to me ... and even I need someone to share

hey denis....i am mayank

and really had a tough time, but tough time makes people stronger....

and yes..i need friend too......i would like to be your friend danie

i can be that person for you

I can be that person you need.

I'm gable fm. S.c. text me any time u want to8033078227

sounds like you are having a bit of a relationship issue now I an willing to provide some open discussion I will provide my honest openion no mind games

Hi.. make friends with a filipino? ;)

Hi, I'm Denice, also a Cancer, I've been thru alot of abuse/ of a few dif natures. I know many have. Feel free to drop me a message if you like. Life is not easy, but together with friends who you can relate to, sure make the journey a little easier, and even a few smiles along the way.

Hi my name is Jake I live in new Mexico I had a bad child hood to my dad would always hit me. But now he won't even look at me as I got older I


i am a cancerian and almost have the same life story as yours :)