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I used to have a lot of friends. My overbearing controlling husband has scared most of them off. I am lonely a lot so I join these web sites for friends. People I can talk to about anything and everything that is on my mind.
Becky96 Becky96 31-35, F 63 Responses Jan 6, 2011

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i would love to be in ur circle please add me, I have a lot to get off my chest and share

Im in the same boat. Im a prisoner at home. I've been with him for 10 months, he's beyong jealous, i don't know anyone except his grown kids and a couple of his friends. He wont let me join the YMCA, public swimming, Curves, Bingo nothing he tells me I'll find another guy. He accuses me of having a boyfriend and accuses me that i want to **** the neighbors the cashiet his son the list goes on. I have a couple of friends i talk to thats out of state and an aunt i talk to, thats it. I was happy to find this website, which he doesnt know about. Thats my social life facebook and this website. If i leave i have to go to a homeless shelter, hardly have any family. I love him but hes beyond jealousy. I stand up to him, i cant let him bring me down where he wants me to be. Yes I'm a prisonet at home and emotionally abused im dealing with it the best i can totally dependant on him he doesnt even want me to work. I tolde he should handcuff me to the couch with no phone, it'll make him happy. Yes the phone is a problem to, so i leave my phone out for him to go through at nite i go to bed before he does dont erase my calls orr texts. Im faithful to him, he doesnt believe me. He wont let me go to the shelter for a month, i want him to realize hes has a faithful lover, i think hes afraid to lose me. His wife died 10 months ago, shes number one he told me so the living room is a shrine. Its depressing everyday all day long with his wife staring at me, he wont get rid of her petsonal things. Its like shes still here. The bedroom is their bedroom not our bedroom im competing with hid dead wife..

Hi. I am a very respectful guy. I'd love to chat and be a friend without judging. I need some of the same. I need some real female opinion and caring.

write me and w can chat.


Well Becky I'm Chris single daddy of two and I hear you...LET IT a real down to earth guy that would love to be someone you can say anything to...I won't judge you....

that is terrible. :(

Been there also, my ex was the same way. Freedom awaits and you will go through a time of solitude while you start again. Add me and I'll be happy to share my experiences and path forward. Hang in there!

lets talk

message me becky

i turned to chats and messaging because my wife did the same to me. she isolated us and before long i had no friends and no one to talk to. its hard when you cant have someone to blow off to when your mad or talk to when something is wrong at home. it destroyed our marriage. now im starting over.

Let's talk

Let's talk
hey ,, I m chitra ...need a frnd to share , I m a lady and looking for true female or male frnd without any dirt on their mind if u really need a frnd talk to me ... and even I need someone to share

Chitra howdy. Where are you from. ? Chat up sometime ?

please i am looking for some one like you

Add me,let's talk ;)

I know where your comming from hun, been there with my ex... if you want to chat feel free to add me. x

I'm cool, not a nut job and in the same boat


My over controlling ex husband has made me Leary of getting close to anyone. I have no friends. I'm afraid to get close to anyone, I'm so lonely

Well, that's what we're here for. But if you need to talk more privately, send me a message. No rules, no judgement

Hello, Becky

I hope you find the friends that you are looking for. Life if definitely better if you have people to share it with. You can write me if you want. I'm 34 y/o and married. Hope to hear from you soon.

That sounds like most guys .basicly he probably got cheated on in past or lied to and doesn't want it to happen again specially with love of his not ok he suffocating you but try to understand ..I've been that guy and my wife did just that cheated on me made my problems worse suicide drugs didn't work god wants me here.. But for you hope you figure. It out ..I stopped being that guy when I realized if girl gunna cheat she gunna do it and it not gunna be when girls night out or clubbing it gunna be at work or when getting nails done or something with a lie trust is key without it there nathing

yes>> but aleayes huerts me and i think that is enough to stop this **** life and i hate to contenu with her

i have the same prob but i'm the husband...i'm arabic man. my wife used to make me sad alwayes and alwayes search for trouble and problems. even sleep with her became with conditons. i hate this life and i need areal friend to talke with her .

I totally feel ya! I have a similar situation but my husband is a drinker also, and I've got a daughter. This is basically the only way I'll ever have someone to talk to. hope we can chat.

Hey friend hows it going

hi iam intrest in yoy

You shouldn't have to live that way. My husband was the same after 11 years I had no friends left then he killed himself and my only friend is gone I am so alone. Don't do this to yourself.

Relationship sometimes sucks, but that does not mean is the end of the world. You just have to tolerate your husband, be submissive, know his like and dislike.

WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!! You do not have to tolerate an overbearing controlling husband who allows you to have no friends or life. You need communication in your life. I am a dom and know about someone being submissive. What you are going through is not a healthly relationship. It is not building you up. It is not making your life better. In fact it is doing the opposite - tearing you down and destroying you. And you know it or you would not be here seeking to fullfill your needs.

Feel free to talk to me any time.

I am in the exact same boat.