Somedays all I need is someone to chat to about things. Sometimes I just want someone to chat generally and sometimes I want someone to talk to about certain things. I want to just get things out. I like to chat I guess but I don't really have anybody to talk to properly.

I just want that person I can trust to tell anything to. Who will listen to me and who won't judge what I say. It would be nice to have someone to chat to at night times too when I'm most lonely, Someone to keep my company in the early hours of the morning until I go to sleep.

I do have a couple of friends but they are always so busy or I can't get a hold of them and I just feel so alone most of the time. I wish I had someone thats all.
BrokenAngelWishes BrokenAngelWishes
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It looks like you hve had a good response so far, but if you could use another friend, I would like that.

I am so glad that you have has so many offers for friends and that you are never alone anylonger, but if you would like another non judgemental person to be there for you, just let me know on my page. Jaxcy xo


youre not alone. Im new here too and i find this site more useful. keep in touch!

hi... at least now you have new friend here... call me Anna..<br />
Have a nice day...

i understand you perfectly some time we just like to enjoy a nice conversation ( i m aq very open minded and i do not judge no one feel free to count with me as a friend !)

Hey I feel the same as you! Any friends I have had in the past are all super involved with working or their grandkids or kids, just always too busy. I cant realy express myself to my husband either, its sad, he was the one I thought would be my best friend forever, but its not turning out that way. I'm looking for females over 45 just to chat with about everyday life, tv, books, men troubles, family troubles, just stuff to talk about and make new friends! We can start with email, I'm on facebook too.

i actually feel this way too, i have lots of girl friends but that just is not cutting it, its all about me with them, i just want a guy to speak with me not wanting any thing but just to talk and listen, i dunno i think im strange

i feel the same as you do maybe we could do each other a favor on here, as im new to this site i dont know how the chat thing works. but i do have an ear if you want to chat any time. always here sametime everyday (that does sound sad doesn't it).

hey broken wings..............i am here too.............if u need to talk............enjoy ur day...

I am very open minded and available to anyone who just needs to talk, etc. :)

i too would like a friend like that but can't find one. i am a honest caring guy if ya would like t be a friend i would love to chat to you?

Hey, i'm new here and would love to have someone to talk to about anything :)

BrokenAngelWishes - I feel exactly the same!!!!!!

sometimes thats all we need, to voice our feelings to a friendly ear without advice, judgment or reproach. . Many of us find it difficult to share our troubles with others even if it's your best friend or family member. Whether it is fear of being judged, fear of being found out, or even pride it sometimes is much easier to talk to someone who doesn't know you but is willing to just listen, This is the first step, write it out express what you feel we are here for you. xoxox

message me i would love someone to chat with from time to time. I like to text on my phone, maybe we could exchange phone numbers

Same here! I am always around if you'd like to talk.

Yeah I do sometimes :)