I Just Need A Friend Who Listen To Me...

It's Saturday night and I am alone in my room crying. I have not a friend to whom you can call this time and be happy to hear my call.
I have a dilemma and i dont know what to do, know what I do, but not if it is right for me, for my future, my life, my happiness .... Right now I just want to run, I dont want to make more decisions, do not want problems with anyone, not ... I do not want anything ... I no longer think, I just want everything resolved in the best way.

I was dating my ex-boyfriend for three years, during which time my parents never accepted it. Ended a year ago but in recent weeks started dating again and decided it was time to talk my parents about this.

I dont know what i hoped?!?!, but the response was the same as always ... "I'm wasting my time, which does not suit me, who is a jerk, that used me, I'm a fool for being there, a person who is going to leave me, never amount to anything with it, they do not want know nothing else about him, who did not even want to see ...

this response from my parents is obviously what have me like this. He is not perfect, nobody is, but really not that bad man, is working (with the bad luck that they have stuck to business), compassionate, polite (but with the problem in my house then. .. more or less) usually travel a lot, has no assets, has a strong character, is divorced (in process of cancellation by the church), has a lot of thrust, is sociable, fun, responsible, committed, educated, etc. etc. etc ... this is not the point. My world is wonderful at her side, everything is fine when I'm next to him, I am happy until .... I come home.

The decision I made is to start dating him again, try again, but it has to be so hard !!!???? I just want to be happy, make the right decision but the right decision has to be against my parents? Why they are so closed?

Always my way of dealing with problems, is avoided, leaving aside everything I want and desire just to dont have any problem or no one feels bad about what I do ... I think it's time to start taking control of my life and make decisions and this would be the first major decisions I make, but it has to be so dificult?? It have to be against the world? I'm wrong?
Sofi22 Sofi22
Jan 14, 2012