I Crave Interaction

I like reading stories, and I like looking at other people's profiles and pictures and everything that EP is all about. But when I enjoy it the most is when I interact with other people who share my interests.
I am the most approachable person on earth. : ) I will talk openly about anything. And I love the relative anonymity to cut loose at times. ; )
ngdi ngdi 36-40, M 19 Responses May 3, 2012

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There should be more well rounded individuals like you here! I smell charisma....

Well I try ;) im an anomalous combination, that\'s fa shore. ;)

i like that in a person

i believe that this is one of the main purpose of EP, so open up and speak on whatever you want..

m new to this site, myself Riya (Indian), even I am craving for interaction as I am undergoing sum kinda locked up life out here, I would love to interact with anyone in the world, I jus wana talk and let everythn inside me out and nothing more, i m not interested in sexual talks or anythng of that sort, m desperately in need of a good friend plz contact anyone with pure intentions are welcomed :)

Iam here if you wold like me to be

m new to site, .. :-)

That's good that you have a listening ear because its hard to find

Indeed. Anyone wants to talk about anything hit me up.

i would for sure!

I would have to concur with you. I am new to this site but so far I love it! :)

Reading about other peoples experiences may at times be uplifting. Would like to talk to you

I totaly know what u are talking about!

Hey let's chat sometime :).

Hello sw your profi.le and was very impressed. I wo/uldlove to join your circle as a friendvand chat.

Loving yourself is the first priority. Loving another is the greatest achievement. The pain that comes with it is part of life.

Best of luck! It is and should be hard. However the fact that you loved proves your strength.

want u to be my fren

i love to connect, i love the interaction

yeah and hes dangerous to too... especially when u start ------.

I love interacting with you, you are smart and witty, but can be ridiculously silly too. You are a lot of fun :)

sometimes you just have to cut lose. let your guard down.