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I Crave Interaction

I like reading stories, and I like looking at other people's profiles and pictures and everything that EP is all about. But when I enjoy it the most is when I interact with other people who share my interests.
I am the most approachable person on earth. : ) I will talk openly about anything. And I love the relative anonymity to cut loose at times. ; )
ngdi ngdi 36-40, M 19 Responses May 3, 2012

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Talk to me

There should be more well rounded individuals like you here! I smell charisma....

Well I try ;) im an anomalous combination, that\'s fa shore. ;)

i like that in a person

i believe that this is one of the main purpose of EP, so open up and speak on whatever you want..

m new to this site, myself Riya (Indian), even I am craving for interaction as I am undergoing sum kinda locked up life out here, I would love to interact with anyone in the world, I jus wana talk and let everythn inside me out and nothing more, i m not interested in sexual talks or anythng of that sort, m desperately in need of a good friend plz contact anyone with pure intentions are welcomed :)

Iam here if you wold like me to be

m new to site, .. :-)

That's good that you have a listening ear because its hard to find

Indeed. Anyone wants to talk about anything hit me up.

i would for sure!

I would have to concur with you. I am new to this site but so far I love it! :)

Reading about other peoples experiences may at times be uplifting. Would like to talk to you

I totaly know what u are talking about!

Hey let's chat sometime :).

Hello sw your profi.le and was very impressed. I wo/uldlove to join your circle as a friendvand chat.

Loving yourself is the first priority. Loving another is the greatest achievement. The pain that comes with it is part of life. <br />
<br />
Best of luck! It is and should be hard. However the fact that you loved proves your strength.

want u to be my fren

i love to connect, i love the interaction

yeah and hes dangerous to too... especially when u start ------.

sometimes you just have to cut lose. let your guard down.