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I love my wife very much and we have been together for a long time the prob is I need more sex than she dose and i am more out there than she is, I would like to try swinging ********* and most other things, I do not want to do this without her, any help you can give me would be good or is it just a case of it will not happen for me
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51-55, M
1 Response May 4, 2012

Well I think its possible and only thing you have to do it find a very close friend whom you trust and take him in confidence and there you are gone wild. But one thing is more important in it, have you discussed it with wife?, cose its the most important thing. Read my story in which my friend asked me tobe with his wife, and now I am willing to do same with my wife ! Just take the first step on wife and then go for the close friend.