Don't We All? But...

Sometimes I need to talk to someone,either online, on the phone or PERSON! I am REALLY guarded and it takes alot for me to put my trust in someone. Someone other than family.They don't really seem to listen to me. Have tried to tell them about a secret i've kept for awhile. I have confieded with a few people online,it's not the same thing. I have real trust issues after being hurt many times in the past by people I thought were my friends.
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I hope you find peace and someone who won't hurt you anymore, I'm only 14 years old, but I would love to help or make somebody feel better. There is no need for you to trust me, but I really want you to feel better. Send me a message. Best of luck to you!

thanks for the kind words. wise beyond your years hugs.

Well, maybe we'll start doing better than ever, now? LOVE you! ;-)

Still learning about each other.I think were going inthe right direction, Sweetheart! MUAH! LOVE YOU!

I love you, too, Terrykeet! :-* KISSES and HUGS! I wonder how much longer it'll be til we meet in person? Hmmmm....;-D

Love to see you...right now!!!!!!

Want that BADLY, myself! MUAH!

we both know tis. thoughtful....

VERY thoughtful, here!....

Always have been.oxoxoxoxox

Yeah, that's true! ;-) HUGS and KISSES, Sa-WEEEET TERRY! :-*

muah and lotsa hugs,too.

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