Can't Trust Anyone I Meet In Person

My entire life, I have learned the same painful lesson over and over. The only person I can ever trust is a current bf. Every time I am 'just friends' with someone, and start sharing secrets, I get hurt. I let very few people get close to me, and used to think I was a good judge of character, but I have yet to find someone who will not use my secrets to their advantage or to my detriment. I have had 3 serious relationships other than my marriage. All of those, including the marriage were with men who did not use our private conversations to ruin my life. Every time I have befriended a girl, including my sister who is only 2 years younger, I have gotten burned. I don't befriend easily, and I don't spill the minute I meet someone, but it still doesn't matter. I really envy the people who have someone close, other than their significant other, to share with and spend time with.

DawnaS78 DawnaS78
31-35, F
1 Response May 8, 2012

Dear Friend, I can feel the evident pain in your words, as if you lost hope in founding a true friend. I'm writing this to you because I want to offer you my deepest respect and friendship, I don't know how you might take me, you may think i'm too young to understand, or there are other reasons why I cannot help you. Or you might not trust me because of all that you have been through. But, I have begun to experience what you have gone through for so long, and I have promised myself that I will never become a hard shell, but nor will i will give myself to those who don't deserve it. I am a 14 year old boy, and I dream of becoming a great person and helping the people in this world. I wish that someday you will find someone very close to you, one who would even go so far as to take a bullet for you. From your words, i can tell you deserved one long before. Feel free to send me a message, or anything. I would love to help you in anyway i can, all i ask is for you to become my friend :)