I feel isolated and removed, I want to interact and have healthy friendships   but I feel paranoid about people hating or finding me distasteful .I have issues In my marriage that leave me stress and more removed than ever before . I know its mostly unfounded and I try and think positively about myself I'm reasonably intelligence , good humored, and beautiful .but I hide myself away. its only getting worse .   help   
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22-25, F
3 Responses May 8, 2012

Its amazing how dissconnected people are nowadays wen we should all have somebody we can trust n talk to openly about what we are goin through. It sux

I'm really sorry you feel like this. I feel the same way sometimes. In fact, most of the people I talk openly with are on the internet. In person, I'm always nervous that people won't like me or will judge me. That doesn't happen as often on the Internet. If you ever need to talk with someone, I'm here. : ) Is it okay for me to add you?

Hey there, im sorry for what you are feeling. Every one of us do feel neglected at certain point of time. Its really stressful and doesnt give us the happiness we really yearn for. I have felt at times and its good to be sharing thoughts openly and frankly. Though i am a naughty guy secretly I know what good friendship mean. If u really like to talk to me do add me up on here or if ure on yahoo im on benhailin @ yah oo . co . uk. Thanks